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I hope this post finds you free from COVID-19. This has no doubt been an incredibly challenging time adjusting to all the new CDC and County Public Health Department recommendations to try and prevent the spread of this virus.

Just when we thought our winter snowfall was basically over, Mother Nature decided to bless us with her presence. Unfortunately, all this beautiful recreational snow will not be available for us to enjoy as most of the ski resorts have closed due to COVID-19.

Take care and stay well,


Board Update

It is with great pleasure the board welcomes homeowner Wayne Lambert to fill the vacant position. Wayne and his wife Lauri, have owned their unit since 1998. Wayne previously served on the board from 2005 to 2014, and was the treasurer for 6 of those years.

Tim Booth will move from the Vice President position to Acting President. Ruth Whitehouse will take over as Acting Vice President.

Please be advised the "" email address is no longer valid and all correspondence to the board should be addressed to:

Lighting Committee Update

To minimize fire risk, the committee with the Board's approval, decided to purchase LED light bulbs for all exterior wall light fixtures. The property management team will be installing them next month. The purchase of new exterior wall light fixtures has been postponed until the design for new walkway and parking lot lights have been established. The committee wants to make sure the exterior wall light fixtures go well with walkway and parking lot lights.

The walkway and parking lot lighting and design study contract is currently with our attorney for review.

Sports Facility Lot

The Kingswood Village sports facility parking lot will be open May 15, 2020 through October 15, 2020 (weather permitting). All vehicles and trailers must be registered with KVPOA Maintenance Dept. or they will be towed at the owner’s expense. The registration form can be found near the Lot entrance and online at:

Please email the completed form to, or turn it in to the manager's office.

Kayak Racks

The newly designed racks are in progress at this time. When they are finished, all kayaks will need to be registered with the KVPOA Maintenance Department. Registration procedure and forms will be available upon completion of the racks.


KVPOA will contract a chimney sweep to inspect your fireplace and flues this spring. KVPOA pays for the annual inspection and necessary cleaning from the operating budget; however, all interior repairs are the responsibility of the unit owner. Fireplace ashes are not the responsibility of the sweep; please have your fireplace clear of ashes prior to inspection. It may be necessary for the sweep to enter your unit multiple times should your chimney need to be cleaned. Units with gas burning logs or gas fireplaces still need to be inspected for excessive carbon buildup. An inspection report will be filed in the maintenance office, and any repair notices will be sent to your know mailing address. If you have changed your entry locks, update maintenance with current copies of keys and or codes! Notices will be emailed and placed on unit doors 48 hours in advance.

Fire Safety

We can expect another very dry, high fire danger summer season. Please remain vigilant regarding fire safety. Be sure your unit is up to date by servicing your fire extinguisher. Also make sure you are up to current CA Fire code by installing combination co2/smoke alarms with a 10-yr. lithium battery.

All outdoor fires of any type are prohibited in the Kingswood common areas; this includes BBQ's and fire pits.


Only owners and the guests of owners are allowed to have dogs on Kingswood property. Short term and long term renters are prohibited from having dogs at any time. Remind your rental agent of this policy. If you post online, be sure this policy is stated clearly.

Dogs must be leashed at all times on Kingswood grounds.

Please make the effort to pick up after your dogs. Failing to do so creates an unfair and unsanitary situation for your neighbors. Keep Kingswood Clean!


Bears are roaming and looking for easy meals. Be bear aware! Lock the dumpsters after every use. If you notice a bin that does not have the bear bar secured please fix it. Do not leave garbage out at any time. Do not leave food in your vehicle and lock the doors! We have vehicles destroyed in our lot every year by bears. For more info about living with bears see:


The Kingswood pool and courts will open Memorial Day weekend (weather permitting). Pool and Sauna hours will be 9am- Sunset through Labor Day. Gym hours will be 5:30am to 9 pm daily.


To join the Board of Directors at Kingswood Village in September, 2020. This is your opportunity to become involved with the group of nine volunteer homeowners who have, and are, successfully managing the affairs of the complex along with our wonderful Property Manager and staff.

We meet ten months of the year, at Kingswood Village. We do not meet in December, or June. Our meeting dates are agreed upon in October so that Directors can plan their schedules for the year. Monthly meetings are held at 9:00am in the activity room above the maintenance department. We also have a call-in capability, but encourage members to attend in person. You are required to attend the annual Homeowner’s Meeting in September.

Your election to the board is for a three-year term. If for any reason you cannot fulfill your commitment, you will be asked to submit a formal resignation letter, and the remainder of your term will be filled by board appointment.

We are looking for people who have good communication skills. We recommend that you be an e-mail user. We use e-mail to keep homeowners informed between meetings.

We have two positions to fill in the coming election. If you, or an Owner you know would be interested in joining our group, please contact me. Being a Director on the Kingswood Village Homeowner’s Association has been one of the most rewarding experiences in our 20 year ownership at Kingswood Village. Call me!

Ruth Whitehouse, Nominating Committee

707-448-0723 (home)

707-235-4707 (cell)

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