KVPOA Maintenance Office:                 KVPOA Property Owners Association:

kingswood.tahoe@gmail.com                 kvpoa.board@gmail.com


            P.O. Box 815             

Kings Beach, CA 96143

(530) 546-5003

FAX: (530) 546-5004

1001 Commonwealth Dr, Kings Beach, CA 96143, USA

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Interested in Serving?

The board is always seeking motivated volunteers who want to work as a team to keep Kingswood Village the best community in North Tahoe. You can volunteer to serve on the board as an officer, a member at large, or just volunteer for a committee.


Requirements: Willingness to work as a team; ability to participate in 10 meetings per year (no meetings in June or December); good standing with the association.
(Board members who drive more than 100 miles to attend the meetings receive a stipend.)

If you are interested in serving, email us at kvpoa.board@gmail.com to express your interest.