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Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation

Kingswood Village is located in a state designated “High Fire Hazard Area”.  As such, there is the high potential for wildfire threats during the late Spring to early Fall months to not only our complex but our entire community.  It is very important for Kingswood Village owners (and, their renters) to be aware of and prepared for a wildfire and other emergencies.


Do you know how you will be notified should you have to evacuate from the Kingswood Village complex and/or the entire Kings Beach community?  Both the local fire department and County will attempt to do the following:

  1. Emergency Alerts: An emergency alert will be sent out by text and/or email.  If you are not signed-up for the local fire department’s and/or County’s emergency alert systems, you will not receive an alert declaring an EVACUATION and with important instructions to follow.  Thus, it is extremely important that you sign-up so that you can be notified and know what to do. Please go here to sign up Placer Alert to receive an Emergency Alert.  

    Hi-Low Sirens:  Law enforcement, fire department and other public safety official’s may attempt to drive through  our complex to notify owners that they must evacuate.  Their vehicles will be outfitted with a siren that sounds different than the traditional siren "sounds" most people are familiar with. This unique siren is 2-tone and European-style in nature.  As public safety officials are driving along the streets and possibly within our complex, owners may hear the hi/low siren in an attempt to notify residents that they need to evacuate.  Think: If you hear the hi/low, then it's time to go! Click here to watch a short video on Hi/Lo sirens with examples.


  2. Door to Door Notification:  Public Safety Officials may choose to actually knock on an owner's home, commercial business, notify them that an evacuation is being ordered.

  3. Digital Signs:  Public Safety Officials may utilize digital electronic signs or message boards to announce evacuation. NT Fire strategically places mobile electronic signs throughout our community, depending on the time of the year.
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