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Letter From the President
From the Manager
STR Committee
Architectual Review Committee

Fall 2022 Newsletter 

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Letter from the President

From the Manager

Short-Term Rental Committee

Facilities Update

Architectural Review Committee

Civil Code 4041 Reminder

Firewise Update

Kings Beach Roundabout Plans

Treasurer's Report

Letter from the President

Greetings Homeowners,

Kingswood has seen many changes in 2022. As everyone knows we have a new property manager, Brayden Evanger. He started with Kingswood in May right as we were approaching the busy summer season. After some typical summer challenges, we are heading in the right direction. Brayden has been able to hire new staff and they have been busy this fall completing summer projects before the snow falls. Kingswood now has three buildings that have been completely painted. Many railings and front decks around our complex have been painted, stained, and reinforced as necessary. In addition, several stairs have been replaced and many have been repaired. Weather permitting, more stairs will be replaced. 

Our complex is now winterized and ready for winter with both our property manager Brayden and our maintenance lead Koris completing certification on the operation of our loader.  Our maintenance crew is ready for the snow removal of paths and driveways as Kingswood has enjoyed inprevious years. All we need now is snow so…. Let it snow!

Phase 1 of tree removal is now completed as Kingswood works towards compliance with new fire safety regulations. There were a few hiccups with that process, but as with any new undertaking one learns what changes to make so that going forward problems can be avoided in future projects. Phase II tree removal will be scheduled for spring.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the board members for their timeless dedication to KVPOA along with our webmaster Susan Holway and our Firewise expert Jim Anderson. Sincere appreciation is also extended to all the homeowner volunteers who donate their time to serve on our committees. It certainly takes a village to run Kingswood Village.


We welcome all homeowners who would like to be part of the volunteer experience and join a committee. Email me if you would like to know more about volunteering.



Linda Garcia

President KVPOA


From the Manager

Brayden Evanger


Winter is coming, along with a few changes around Kingswood Village. As we prepare for the winter season we need your help;

Kayak Racks: All Kayaks must be removed from the racks by November 12th. This season they can be stored on your back decks until Spring.


BBQs:  We have begun auditing the property to see which units have active BBQ registrations, if you need to register, are unsure of your status, or have questions please feel free to reach out to


Snow Removal: While it is snowing, we will be working hard to clear the parking lots and walkways for you. Please remember to move your car to a cleared parking space every 24hrs to provide more room to plow. Also, please remember that snow berms and snow piles are active work zones and not sled hills. 


Thank you all for help and support going into the winter season; our crew looks forward to serving you.


Saturday, November 12

Defensible Space Workday

Join us beginning at 9 a.m. by the Manager's Office and garage.  Work will end no

later than 4:00.  Refreshments provided! (more info in Firewise Update by Jim Andersen) 



Short-Term Rental Committee 

Rich Rosemont

In September, the KVPOA Board of Directors approved the creation of

a Short-Term Rental (STR) Committee and approved the appointment of

Richard Rosemont as the committee’s Chair and approved the appointment of Tim Booth, Eric Marchand, and Gary Smith as committee members. If you are interested in joining this committee, please email the Board at  


On January 25, 2022, Placer County Board of Supervisors introduced an ordinance repealing and replacing its existing short-term rental ordinance. The ordinance was adopted on February 8th and took effect March 11, 2022. The ordinance is intended to preserve residential neighborhood character and address community concerns regarding nuisances caused by STR operations. It includes updates to noise, trash, parking, and occupancy, increased penalties and fines, and additional requirements to ensure each STR is operating in compliance with building safety and fire codes. The ordinance also requires anyone who intends to rent his/her residential home as STR’s to apply for a permit and register the home with the county. 


Additionally, the county requires all STR’s to have an approved permit visibly

posted near the exterior entrance of the home, Placer County’s Good Neighbor Flyer on the interior near each bedroom door and on all online and printed advertisements and listings. All advertisements and listings must include the valid permit number, maximum occupancy, define parking rules, and include a link to Pacer County’s Good Neighbor Flyer. Placer County’s STR fact sheet can be found at .

It is important to stipulate that the Committee’s purpose is to collaborate with Board and association members on the best ways to manage STR’s within Kingswood Village. The committee was not established to be an enforcement agent for Placer County. KVPOA has rules and regulations that all owners are expected to honor. The same responsibility to honor rules and regulations must be passed on to short-term renters by the owners of the respective units. Every year the Board finds itself contending with rules violations and the majority of rules infractions are committed by short-term renters. For Kingswood Village to remain a community-centered association, the STR Committee seeks to communicate effective STR management requirements and motivate STR owners to enforce community rules. This includes establishing a clear understanding within our community that will be met with penalties, including fines.

Facilities Update

Nick Zaikowski, Facilities Chair

As the summer season winds down the facilities committee will be focusing to make sure we

are prepared for the snow and looking at future improvements.


  • We are currently looking at updating our lighting system. An electrician has been out several times to repair campus lighting; other lighting issues are being addressed. A completely new lighting system was being considered, but due to the high cost, an update to the current system became the plan forward.

  • As we focus on water conservation, small lawns will be identified to change to native plants that are also water retentive and have low fire risk.

  • Future deck rebuilding will be composite, price permitting for durability and lower fire risk.

  • New materials are being investigated for walkway steps. Currently wood is used and is easily damaged during snow removal and general wear and tear. We are looking for recommendations and prices from contractors.

  • We will continue to focus on projects like annual painting, deck replacement, step replacement, and touch-up painting.


Architectural Review Committee 

Rule Change

Jack Belvedere, Architectural Review Committee Chair

During the 2021/2022 Fiscal Year the Architectural Review Committee reviewed a number of requests for replacing furnaces and water heaters. 


Early in the year it was noted that the KVPOA Rules And Regulations did not adequately provide homeowners with a way to replace these units if their replacement was an emergency situation.  To correct this situation the Committee drafted revisions to Rules 5. and 6. which are found on page 5 of the KVPOA Rules And Regulations. The final draft of the Rule changes was approved by the Board during its August 8, 2022 Special Meeting. The revised Rules 5. and 6. have been included in the online version of the KVPOA Rules And Regulations, and a copy of the revised Rules has been sent to all homeowners.


The two most meaningful changes to the Rules essentially provide homeowners with a way to replace appliances, such as furnaces and water heaters, if they encounter an emergency situation. With this change KVPOA’s Rules are now similar to the Placer County emergency permit process where homeowners can address an emergency situation and then follow up with a permit application. Also, to be in conformance with California State Statutes, KVPOA’s Rules now require homeowner projects which have a labor plus material cost of $500.00 or

more to be performed by licensed and insured contractors.


These rule changes are posted on the KVPOA website in the KVPOA Rules and Regulations.


Civil Code 4041 form Reminder

In July, and again in August, we contacted each homeowner via eBlast and email and asked you to complete and return State Form 4041.  The information on this Form is required by the State of California to be completed and returned by each homeowner to your Association each year.  If you have not completed this Form, please do it now even if the information for your unit has not changed since last year.


The link below will help you complete and return the Form 4041.  If you do not complete and return this Form 4041 immediately, State law requires the KVPOA to send your Association updates, yearly disclosures, financial information and property alerts and updates to your condominium by USPS surface mail to the condominium address on record.

So please, if you have not updated your Form 4041, use this link, complete the required information, and return your updated Form 4041 to the Association immediately.


Thank you,

Linda Garcia

President KVPOA

Firewise Update

Jim Andersen, KVPOA Firewise Committee Chair

Wilderness Forestry completed the first phase of tree removal last month. Although the process wasn’t flawless, they did a remarkable job and removed a large number of trees in a very short of period of time.


At our last Wildfire Prevention Committee meeting members talked at length about the performance of Wilderness Forestry and the feedback we’ve received from homeowners. Linda Garcia, the KVPOA Board president, has since met with the contractor and has addressed those aspects of the tree removal process we’d like to see performed differently. Going forward, all parties – the WPC, the KVPOA Board, and Wilderness Forestry – will have a better idea of what to expect for phase 2 which, barring anything unforeseen, will commence next spring.


In addition to the tree removal, the WPC is continuing to expand its defensible space efforts to other areas of Kingswood Village. On Saturday, November 12, we will conduct another defensible space cleanup day, our third this year. Because of the cooler weather that Fall brings, this event will be a little longer in duration than previous vegetation removal projects. It will begin at 9 am and end no later than 4pm. The efforts for this day will focus on vegetation removal along the seasonal creek from the footbridge near the tennis courts to Canterbury Avenue. Time and weather permitting, we will also begin brush clearance on the western border of the property (a narrow strip of manzanita under the powerlines between Cambridge and Commonwealth and parallel to Highway 267).


Following the day’s work, we are also inviting our volunteers to enjoy an evening together at the clubhouse meeting room above the office. This after work soiree will run from 6pm to 9pm and, essentially, be a potluck where homeowners can bring a dish or refreshments of their choice. If you are interested in attending, please contact a member of the WPC and/or reach us through the WPC email –


The WPC is also working with Liberty Utilities to address wildfire concerns in the form of trees in the space in and around their utility lines and poles. At this point we’ve identified approximately two dozen trees, of various sizes, that need to be removed along the western border of our property. These discussions have been ongoing for months and a date for the removal of these trees has not been established. However, when the date, or dates, are agreed upon, homeowners will be notified in advance so as to not be surprised by presence of more heavy equipment on our property.


Plans Approved for Kings Beach Roundabout

A plan for a new Roundabout in Kings Beach at the

intersection of the 267 and the 28 was approved by

the Placer County Board of Supervisors in March.  

The project has now moved into the design phase, and

construction is expected in late 2023 or 2024.


The project is designated as an air quality priority

project, contributing to improvements in North Lake

Tahoe, and is the third and final phase of the KB

Commercial Core Improvement Project that was completed in 2017.


For full information from Placer County, click here

Treasurer’s Report

Bob Austen, KVPOA Treasurer

We had very good attendance at this year’s Annual Meeting. But for those of you that were unable to make it, I will summarize the main points in my homeowner report. First, Kingswood Village remains in sound financial condition. For Fiscal Year 22/23 we have sufficient Operating Funds for campus and building maintenance. Our Reserve Fund stands at 62%, much higher than average.


Of concern still are homeowner dues. When I purchased my unit in 2011, dues were $275 and why I bought here. In 2019, dues were $308, an increase of just $33 over 8 years. Then devastating wildfires came to California and insurance rates skyrocketed. Insurance then was just 18% of our budget. Today it is 56%. I estimate our dues would be around $325 today if not for the result of wildfires. In a brief poll of other North Tahoe HOA’s, Kingswood Village still remains the lowest.

Dues increased this year by $21.78 or 4.1%. This is primarily due to inflation that is affecting all of us now. Additionally, there will be a one-time special assessment in the Spring for Phase 2 tree removal as a part of our wildfire prevention requirement.


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