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Short-Term Rentals

If you use your Kingswood Village property as a short term rental (STR), make sure your rental being offered and your renters are acting in compliance with both Placer County requirements and our Homeowners' Rules and Regulations. An owner of an STR is fully responsible and accountable for their renters abiding by the statutes and our rules/regulations of the County and our complex.


Per Placer County, owners of STRs must post a copy of the County’s flier “Good Neighbor Policy” within their units.  This flier highlights the requirements of the STRs and their renters. Kingswood Village has its own flier with Rules and Regulations for renters to follow.   Click here to see these Rules. 


Important to Note:

Did you know?:

  1. The fine for a code violation is up to $500 per day for each violation in the first citation and up to $1,000 per day for each violation in the second citation. A second citation is one that occurs within the same 12-month period as the first citation. Placer County Code Compliance may deny, revoke or suspend a short-term rental permit. Please refer to the ordinance for details regarding non-compliance.

  2. STRs must be inspected by the local Fire Department. When an owner pays for and receives their permit to rent their property (condo) as a STR, they agree to allow the fire department to inspect for fire protection and life safety precautions.  Failure to do so within the timeframe allotted, will cause an owner’s STR permit to be revoked. To schedule a fire protection and life safety inspection, click here

  3. Kingswood Village CC&R’s do not allow renters to vape, smoke cigarettes, cigars, or any other tobacco or cannabis product anywhere other than within the unit interior. This prohibition shall include the outside common area, enclosed common areas, exclusive common areas (balconies and patios) and all nonresidential buildings within the development. An owner of STR will be held accountable and may be fined if such rules are broken by their renters (including discarded cigarettes and other smoking products discarded off decks and porches).

  4. An STR must have a “local contact person” (an individual) who is personally available by telephone on a 24-hour basis and who maintains the ability to be onsite 30 minutes and who has access and authority to assume management of the unit.  An agent or professional property management company that meets the availability requirements can serve as the local contact person.   For example, if someone files a complaint with the County and the County then calls the owner of the STR, either the owner or a local contact person must be available to respond and deal with their STR issue with the given timeframe.  If the County fails in reaching the owner or a local contact person and/or such individuals are not able to respond within the given timeframe, a code violation may be issued and subsequent fine levied.


For more information regarding requirements of STRs and to make sure you are in compliance, please see the following links.

If you use your Kingswood Village property as a short term rental, make sure you are in compliance with Placer County requirements.

Short-Term Rental Program

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Good Neighbor Program

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Short Term Rental Fact Sheet

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Information about the TOT (Transient Occupancy Tax)

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Did you know that you can request a fire inspection of your Short-Term Rental?

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Placer County Short Term Rental Safety Requirements:

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Placer County Short Term Rental Inspection Form

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Compliance and enforcement efforts effects on Short Term Rentals:

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