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(Pool, Exercise Room, Sauna)

1. These facilities are for the exclusive use of KVPOA homeowners, guests, and renters. 2. Any person using these facilities is responsible for keeping them orderly and leaving them clean. 3. Any person using these facilities does so at his/her own risk. Lifeguards are not provided by KVPOA. 4. KVPOA assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen articles. 5. Owner’s key fob or card is required to enter the pool area. It will also allow access to the exercise room, sauna and bathroom facilities. Pool attendant is not allowed to grant access. 6. Proper swim attire must be worn in the pool area at all times. For children needing diapers, it is required that the diapers be waterproof swim diapers. 7. Children under 14 years of age must, at all times, be accompanied by an adult responsible for their safety and behavior. The adult must be a KVPOA owner, renter or guest. 8. Individuals are not allowed to play in the exercise room, sauna, or bathroom. 9. Horseplay and running on the pool deck are not allowed. 10. Flotation devices larger than two by three feet are not allowed in the pool. Items not being used must be removed from the pool and surrounding pool deck. 11. Smoking is not allowed within 50 feet of the pool perimeter. 12. Pets are not allowed. 13. Glass containers are not allowed. 14. Use of audio devices is allowed only with personal headphones. 15. Reserving pool deck chairs, lounges, and tables is not allowed. 16. The pool attendant has the authority to close the facilities. The pool will close immediately if there is thunder or lightning or, if in the opinion of the pool attendant, unsafe conditions exist. 17. The Property Manager, or an authorized representative, has the authority to request any person who violates the above rules leave the recreational facility. 18. Failure to observe these rules could lead to the loss of facility privileges.

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