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Electric Grill Specifications

Electric Grill Specifications

Electric Grill Specifications:

  • The only grills allowed on the decks at Kingswood are fully electric grills that operate on 120v (standard electrical outlet). Electric pellet smoker grills do not meet current requirements.

  • Electric grills should be plugged into GFI protected outlets.

  • Read and understand all of the manufacture’s requirements and safety guidelines prior to use.

  • If you have an exterior outlet present on the deck you wish to grill on; you may use the outlet to power your grill. This outlet is more than likely on a 15-amp circuit that supplies other outlets in your unit. If the circuit breaker pops, stop grill use and call an electrician.

  • Because of the original circuit design, it is possible that running the grill on a shared circuit may cause an overload which is a fire hazard.

  • Do not simply change the breaker to a higher amp rated breaker. This will cause wires of that circuit to melt under load and will cause a fire.

  • Do not “extend” or tap an additional outlet into an existing interior circuit. This will overload the wires of the circuit.

  • If there is no outlet available on the deck you will need to contract with a certified electrician to install one.

  • The current building code will require that the grill is on a dedicated (un-shared) circuit.

  • An architectural application will need to be submitted, reviewed, and approved prior to any work being done. Applications can be found on our website:

  • A permit must be obtained through Placer County, and proof of final inspection must be filed once the work is completed. Note: The final building permit sign off will include the required smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

  • External Conduit runs will be allowed so long as they are installed according to the architectural committee’s guidelines. (Guidelines under development at this time.)

  • Do not use an extension cord to reach an interior outlet or an exterior outlet on the lower deck. If an under gauged cord is used, the cord will melt.

  • Do not plug any appliance into the external light fixture.

  • Do not use an electric grill near combustible or flammable materials.

  • When you have met these specifications, contact David Stirling at He will come to your unit and inspect your grill, electrical outlet connections, and complete the inspection form. Once you have fulfilled all of the requirements, you will be issued a tag that will be installed on the exterior of your balcony specifying that you have met all KVPOA requirements for grilling. Use of an electric grill prior to receiving a tag may result in a $500 fine.

  • Any installation questions should be directed to David Stirling at

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