Winter Newsletter

Greetings and Happy New Year! Announcements First note of business, we the Board, would like to recognize the efforts and countless hours of service previous Board members have dedicated over the years. Tim Booth Jeff Dickinson Carolyn Marquand Rene Gotwig We Thank You!! The work you have done on behalf of our community is greatly appreciated! We would also like to introduce our new Board members: Kathy Larraguetta Robert Austin Susan Holway Jim Andersen You can access these, or any of our Board members by using the link at the end of this newsletter.

President's Message Happy New Year, KVPOA owners. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to welcome those of you who have recently purchased in Kingswood Village. At our first meeting of this new board, board members shared what they most like about Kingswood Village. We heard access to trails, the pretty grounds, moments on the deck and the swimming pool. Thankfully our Property Manager, David Stirling, likes working hard for the complex, including moving snow! We’re confident you’ll find your own favorite part of owning at Kingswood. With the privilege of owning and having common areas that are cared for by David and his team, we also have a responsibility, so you’ll find a few reminders throughout this newsletter.

  • We have quiet hours of 10 pm – 7 am. Please observe these, and please let your guest know.

  • No smoking or vaping is allowed anywhere outside on the premises. This is a health and fire rule.

  • Decks have their own set of rules limiting storage, not allowing lights, and others. This rule is about aesthetics, safety and bringing a sense of calm to the complex.

We have heard that Tahoe has experienced quite an influx of people during these COVID times. It’s understandable, given its beauty, the ability to work and go to school remotely, and the impact the pandemic has had on all of our lives. We ask you to do your part to make sure Kingswood Village remains a place of refuge and calm for all of us. When you visit, please be kind to others, the property, and the environment. If you rent, please share with your rental manager and guests the Kingswood Village philosophy of being kind and taking care. And to you, personally, we hope you remain well. Here is to a healthy 2021! Property Manager's Message Parking During Snow: Moving vehicles on a regular basis for snow removal is vital for safety. As the snow pack goes through the freeze thaw cycle it becomes harder to remove, and the run off creates black ice slicks. The quicker snow is removed the better for everyone. So be sure to keep your vehicle(s) clear of snow; and move away from snow or ice every 24 hours!

Here are some helpful reminders about parking during winter. If you rent your unit or have guests unfamiliar with winter parking, share these tips with them. Please consider posting this in your unit.

  • Please move vehicles to parking areas that have already been cleared of snow as soon as possible during and after any snow event of 4 inches or more.

  • All vehicles must be moved every 24 hours during and after snow for snow removal. The clock starts at 12 pm (noon) daily during and following snow storms. Vehicles that aren’t moved within the 24 hours are subject to fines and/or towing at the owner’s expense.

  • Please park so that drive lanes are not blocked. We have to keep things open for emergency vehicles and snow removal equipment. This requires 8 feet minimum of clearance. If a firetruck could not pass; please repark!

  • When returning to Kingswood, please park at least one parking space away from any area that has not been plowed.

  • If you leave town, make arrangements for your vehicle if you leave it behind: Ask it to be moved by a roommate or friend, arrange to park off site, or call maintenance at 530-546- 5003 to make parking arrangements.

  • The Boat Lot closed on 10/15/20 to be used for snow storage and will reopen next spring. Arrangements must be made with KVPOA maintenance prior to any winter use of this lot. Any unauthorized vehicles or trailers in the lot will be towed at the owner’s expense.


DO NOT SLED IN THE PARKING LOTS!!!! DO NOT PLAY ON, IN, OR AROUND ANY SNOW RAMPS/PILES!!! Dumpsters, Trash, and Ash The dumpsters are for household trash only. As a single-family residence each unit is allotted 32 gal. of trash per week. Furniture appliances, tires, and construction debris are your responsibility to take to the landfill/transfer station. Go to for information.

The local wildlife loves to dine at Kingswood; it is unhealthy and makes a terrible mess. All garbage must be bagged and placed inside of the dumpster! Trouble with the bear bar? We’ve placed a graphic near each dumpster to help everyone understand how to use them. Please look for it and tell your renters and guests how to use the dumpsters.

The bears are well versed at breaking into vehicles to get food. Our bears do not hibernate through the winter, they wake every 4 weeks or so to eat.

Do not leave any food, wrappers, bags etc. in your vehicle. Vehicles get destroyed every winter due to a bear trying to get food. Keep your property and our bears safe: Be Bear Aware!

All fireplace ashes are to be emptied in the red metal cans suspended near the dumpsters. Even in the winter, when it is snowing, ashes stored on the wood decks are a fire hazard!

Furnace inspections: Now is the time we all rely on our furnaces. When you are using your townhome, you want to stay warm, and when you’re away it is important to keep the water pipes warm. A furnace failure could lead to frozen pipes and costly water damage. When leaving your unit for any length of time, secure all doors, windows (don’t forget the loft!), and have your thermostat set no lower than 55 degrees to prevent your water pipes from freezing.

Dogs Keep your dogs leashed and picked up after at all times. There are dog waste bag stations in several spots in the complex, please use them. Renters are prohibited by our rules and regulations to have dogs at Kingswood. Please inform your rental agent and/or include “no dogs” on your online listing. The owner of the unit will be responsible for any fines resulting from renters having dogs. Decks For structural safety concerns, firewood stored on decks is limited to ¼ cord per deck (1/2 cord total) stacked in a staggered formation. Please be sure to stack your wood no higher than the railing, three rows deep, on opposing ends (one stack on the upper, one on the lower, on opposite ends). Many strings lights have been appearing on the upper decks. By our CC and R’s and Rules and Regulations, string lights are not allowed. If you have them installed, please remove them. From our Rules and Regulations: No string lights, other than holiday displays on federally designated holidays, are permitted. Holiday lights may only be displayed for one week before and one week after the official holiday”. Vice President's Message Greetings Homeowners! And a belated Happy New Year!

We are all hoping this year brings fewer challenges than 2020. My name is Jim Andersen and I am your new KVPOA Board Vice President. I would like to bring you up to speed on some of the projects I’ve been working on. First, I am trying to hit the ground running with regard to insurance. We were all made painfully aware last year that property insurance in fire-risk areas is becoming increasingly problematic and will continue to be so for the indefinite future. With that in mind, I’ve been in touch with Tim Booth, our previous Board member who spent countless hours last year on this, as well as our insurance partners. I have also consulted a fellow homeowner who is much better informed on these issues than I. Together we are trying to find alternatives to the policy we currently have and to mitigate any further challenges with regard to securing property insurance at a reasonable rate. Due to continuing economic and environmental conditions, the annual occurrence of devastating wildfires most notably, our task is not going to be easy. However, I want to assure you that we are working diligently on solutions and I will keep you informed on developments along the way. I am also in the process of changing platforms with regard to our current website. Due to issues I won’t go into here, the current website we use for Kingswood Village is not meeting our needs. Until the process of transformation is finished, we will continue to use the present site. But hopefully, by the middle of this year, we will have a website that is tailored to our needs and much more user friendly. I also want to emphasize a couple of the points our Property Manager, David Stirling, pointed out in his report. First, please remember to move your vehicles in a timely manner during winter! This small request is easy to abide by. By doing so, we not only have easier access in and out of the lot, but by removing excess snow the lot becomes safer for walking and driving as well. Next, we ask that all homeowners consult and be mindful of the rules and regulations regarding lighting. Regulations on lighting state the following: No string lights, other than holiday displays on federally designated holidays, are permitted.” Owners who continue to display lights outside of the R & Rs are subject to citations. Lastly, and this is in addition to the Property Manager’s report: Kingswood Village is a smoke-free residential property. Smoking is prohibited throughout the association including all common areas (i.e. landscape areas, parking lots, pool, decks, balconies, and porches). There are numerous other items we - your new Board - have been working on over these past couple of months and we will do our best to keep all of you informed of the work we are doing. I personally, am easy to get a hold of and eager to help in any way I can. So please, feel free to contact me with any issues - good, bad, or indifferent. Or just to chat. Regards, Jim Andersen, Vice President Editor, KVPOA Newsletter