Winter, 2022

My HOA Dues: Where do they go?

Bob Austin, KVPOA Treasurer

One of the many reasons some of us have become owners in Kingswood Village was lower homeowner dues, especially when compared to other associations in the Tahoe area. As you are well aware, we have had significant increases in dues over the last several years caused by skyrocketing insurance costs driven by wildfires. Nevertheless, our dues remain reasonable.

Once again, your $533.32 monthly check is allocated to Kingswood Village’s 3 funds: $431 to Operations, $90 to Reserve, and $12 to Capital Improvement.

1. The Operating Fund provides our staff the resources for routine operations and property maintenance. Besides insurance, the major expenses include: payroll (which include snow removal and grounds keeping), painting, chimney sweeping, roof clearing, window cleaning, building repair.

2. The Reserve Fund provides for major repairs and replacements. These are expensive items that need planning and savings. For 2022, these include: deck replacements, new equipment, parking lot and walkway repairs, siding replacement.

3. The Capital Improvement Fund provides for new items for Kingswood. For 2022, this includes a study for new campus lighting.

Wildfire insurance continues to loom over us. In 2019, insurance was about 18% of the total budget; today it is over 50%. But there is cautious optimism that rates will not increase next year. We’ll know more in March.

Two New Kingswood Village Employees: Mo and Koris

Koris Ramirez grew up in Kings Beach, and after some time in LA has moved back to be closer to family. He has a child going into elementary school. He has prior experience working for complex maintenance crews, he likes to snowboard, and has proven to be a great asset

for our community in his first few weeks.

Mo Kaba has been working here since last spring. He is a hard worker. Mo has maritime experience, is a writer, practices meditation and yoga, and has come to Tahoe from the east coast. He has published a book entitled The Soul Adventures: a Glance at Human Nature.

Parking During Snow, Winter 2022 Dave Stirling, Manager

Moving vehicles on a regular basis for snow removal is vital for safety. As the snow pack goes through the freeze thaw cycle it becomes harder to remove, and the run off creates black ice slicks. The quicker snow is removed the better for everyone.

(All owners: please read. Please post in your condo for renters, family, and guests so all know the rules. There were many vehicles in December's record-breaking snow storm that were blocking the ability to clear the parking lot.)

* Please move vehicles to parking areas that have already been cleared of snow as soon as possible during and after any snow event of 4 inches or more. All vehicles must be moved every 24 hours during and after snow for snow removal. The clock starts at 12 pm (noon) daily during and following snow storms. Vehicles that aren’t moved within the 24 hours are subject to fines and/or towing at the owner’s expense.

* Please park so that drive lanes are not blocked. We have to keep things open for emergency vehicles and snow removal equipment. This requires 8 feet minimum of clearance. If a firetruck could not pass, please repark!

* When returning to the parking lot, please park at least one space away from any area that has not been plowed.

* If you leave town, make arrangements for your vehicle if you leave it behind: ask it to be moved by a roommate or friend, arrange to park off site, or call maintenance at 530 546-5003 to make parking arrangements.

* The Boat Lot closed 10/15 to be used for snow storage and will reopen next spring. Arrangements must be made with KVPOA maintenance prior to any winter use of this lot. Any unauthorized vehicles or trailers in the lot will be towed at the owner’s expense.


Owner Information Required

Linda Garcia, President California Civil code requires owners to provide the association certain information on an annual basis including, but not limited to, contact information and method of delivery for association notices. To assist owners with this requirement the association, will provide a short form for your use. The form will be sent to you soon either electronically or via USPS depending on your prior preference. To assure you receive future association notices and disclosures, please complete the form and return it to the association.

Creating Defensible Space

Jim Andersen, Wildfire Prevention and Insurance Committee

Kingswood Village has recently received recognition by Firewise*. Firewise is a designation awarded to homeowners and property owner associations who have committed to protect their communities from wildfire. It is administered by the National Fire Protection Association, the premier fire protection research agency in the country. With the Firewise* model to guide us, your WPIC committee will be working to create defensible space around our homes and clear fire-prone vegetation from the forested areas of our property. The KVPOA Facilities Committee will also be a big part of this as home-hardening is an essential part of wildfire prevention.This work will be done by the Kingswood staff, by members of the WPIC, and by Kingswood volunteers. If you are interested in helping to make our homes Firesafe, please contact Jim Andersen

( for more information. The KVPOA Board will also conduct a special meeting in February to educate homeowners on the wildfire safety actions our committees will undertake over the course of the this year. That meeting will take place on February 5 @ 9:00 am. We strongly encourage all homeowners to attend and be apart of protecting this wonderful Kingswood community we love and want to preserve. The agenda for this meeting and the Zoom invite will be posted on our website soon, and will be sent to all Homeowners in an eBlast.

Improvements to KVPOA Facilities

Nick Zailowski, Facilities Chair

The Facilities Committee is starting off 2022 focused on prioritizing our areas of needed maintenance and facility improvements.

1. Map Signage: We have been working on a sign project that would be at the entry points to Kingswood. The signs would replace the current maps with rules posted into a cleaner, more concise form in more ideal locations.

2. Ash Disposal Cans: Our current ash disposal cans are in need of replacement. Many are crushed from snow removal, in potential fire hazardous areas, and are in need of paint. We are looking into the cost of higher quality ash disposals in safe locations.

3. Fire Prevention: As we look at scheduled building maintenance and repairs, we will explore fire resistant materials for decking, siding, and painting. Roofs will be assessed and cleared of pine needles prior to the beginning of fire season.

4. Dumpster Fencing: Will resume this spring and we may consider adding snow shed roofs over the dumpsters.

5. Wading Pool Repair: The wading pool is in need of repair and we will be looking for bids soon and get it open for this summer.

6. Parking lot and walkway lighting: Throughout Kingswood the lighting is in need of replacement. The cost of such a project needs to be considered and request for proposals would need to be developed and sent out for bid.

7. Basic landscape maintenance: Maintenance will continue this spring with focus on water conservation.

8. Equipment: Equipment for all seasons of maintenance will be evaluated for improvements based on benefits and cost.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Remodeling or Upgrading your Unit? Jack Belvedere, Architectural Committee Chair Have you been thinking that it’s time to remodel the kitchen in your unit, or upgrade the bathroom(s), or replace that old hot water heater or furnace, or replace those old single pane windows and sliding doors? If these projects, or others, are in your future plans for your unit then it’s a good time for you to review the Kingswood Village Property Owners Association’s (KWVPOA) requirements that you will need to follow before you start these or similar projects.

The KWVPOA Board has several committees and the Architectural Committee is the one that you will need to contact if you are planning upgrades or changes to your unit.

Please refer to your CC&R’s and review ARTICLE V, Architectural Committee. This ARTICLE V will give you an overview of the process and procedures you will be required to follow if you are planning modifications to your unit. Please note that the contractor you select must be licensed, bonded and insured to work at Kingswood.

Log onto the KWPOA’s website to find forms you will need to submit to the Board’s Architectural Committee. From KVPOA's home page, click More, drag to Forms & Documents. Print and complete "Architectural Review Application." If replacing windows and sliding doors, submit the form entitled “Architectural Application for Window" and/or "Sliding Glass Door Replacement”.

Forms should be submitted to Jack Belvedere, Chairman of the Architectural Committee ( Requests are reviewed by the Architectural Committee, and then must be approved by the KVPOA Board, which is a process than can take 4-6 weeks.

Screws in Shoes: Safety Suggestion for Icy Walkways and Slanted Parking Lots

Susie Holway, Newsletter Editor

If you live in Kingswood, or come here a lot in the winter, you have probably seen me walking in the parking lots or streets with my little dog, Juno. I walk and run a lot, and feel safe in my trail shoes because I put sheet metal screws in them for traction. After about 25 hears (mostly in Alaska) as a coach and p.e. teacher in and out of buildings, I find it the safest way to travel in the winter!

There is a picture below, and a website of how to create winter shoes that you can make your winter shoes. I replace some every winter and they last for several years. I am still careful in icy conditions, but I have never fallen in them. They are good because they don't fall off your shoes like YakTrax, you can wear them into the market or post office (they just make a clicking sound!), and they are good on pavement or ice/snow. And I am much safer in them!