Spring, 2021


Shawna Read

On behalf of the Kingswood Village Property Owners Association (KVPOA) Board of Directors, we hope you are staying safe and well and that you see some semblance of normalcy on the horizon.

The newsletter that follows contains lots of information relevant to all of us as homeowners. Please read it all! A few highlights include

· what we're learning and doing about insurance

· how you can do your part to protect our collective investment

· when and how the facilities will be reopening (be prepared to wear a mask!)

· why you may see more mountain bikes in our neighborhood

· what to expect in the coming months regarding elections

Here are a few more reminders for all of us as homeowners:

· Only owners and their guests may have dogs. Renters may not have dogs.

· Quiet hours are 9 pm - 8 am everyday. Please remind everyone who stays in your home. And at all times, please be respectful of your neighbors.

· Kingswood Village is a smoke-free complex. No smoking or vaping is allowed any time in outside areas.

· Limit the number of cars associated with your unit. KVPOA was built with only 1.5 spaces per unit, and we are all limited to three vehicles maximum at any one time.

And finally,

· Do you have short term renters? Please enforce KVPOA rules to avoid fines.

· Are you considering a remodel? Remember you must get KVPOA architectural approval before getting a building permit.

· Would you like to get involved? Consider running for the board or joining a committee!

Please feel free to get in touch any time you have a question or would like to be engaged. We're homeowners like you who also love our home and value our investment.

Stay safe. Stay well.



Jim Andersen

Unfortunately, the pandemic has not been the only challenge facing homeowners in the Tahoe basin. Rising insurance rates continue to burden KVPOA members and will remain a challenge for the foreseeable future. As you know, the forty percent increase this year in property premiums was preceded by an even greater increase last year. With another exceptionally dry year ahead of us, KVPOA Homeowners, along with the thousands of other Californians living in high fire risk areas like us, will struggle to keep their assets insured.

After months of research, investigation, and interactions with three insurance brokers, the new policy we were forced to accept is not only outrageously expensive, it is also woefully deficient in what it provides in terms of property coverage. The total valuation of all Kingswood Village property, as estimated by multiple brokers, is around $80 million. The policy limit on the coverage we have is $47,297,820, or 59% of the total value of the property. Although this is a substantial increase in coverage over the previous policy covering March 31, 2020 to March 30, 2021, it is still well below the amount of coverage we desire and are required to have according to our CC & Rs.

An insurance committee has been formed to work on the following challenges:

(1) Continuous efforts to obtain a more affordable policy and, additionally, provide a higher valuation of property coverage. These may sound like mutually exclusive goals, but we believe they are not out of the realm of possibilities. We are currently working with a broker who may have a very viable option for us.

(2) Mitigations the main driver of increased insurance premiums, which is the continuing risk of wildfires. Though there are limitations to the prevention measures we can enact and the material factors we have to work with, there are significant actions we can take to make the property safer. Some of those actions will address structural issues, such as fire-resistant siding, paint, and other materials. Other actions will focus on projects such as vegetation management and defensible space.

(3) Integrate Kingswood Village into a network of local HOAs, businesses, and related agencies with the intent to make, not only our own property better prepared and safer, but to help reduce the risk of wildfires in the entire Tahoe basin. We have begun that process and will have more to report to you in future meetings.

Lastly, addressing these issues will take all of us. Here are two suggestions for all who want to help us keep Kingswood Village safe and affordable.

· Volunteer to help our insurance committee. Going forward we anticipate undertaking many projects that directly address issues that increase our vulnerability with regard to wildfires.

· Make sure your individual homeowners’ policy is sufficient to help cover losses should a fire occur. Moreover, if you currently have a policy, consider increasing the amount of coverage. Every little bit helps.

And finally, do what you can as an individual homeowner to lessen the likelihood that your property becomes unnecessarily exposed to fire. Your Board will be adding a specific column to our website with information about fire safety. Please consult and review the information provided. And, if you have renters or guests, make sure they are familiar with the rules and regulations as well. As we all know, prevention and awareness are the best practices in keeping us all safe.

Jim Anderson

Vice President KVPOA

Chair, Insurance Committee



Dave Stirling


Sports Courts: Open and available to use with your amenities card. Please be sure that the gate is secure when you are done.

Pool: Will open by Memorial Day in accordance with any federal, state, or

county guidelines. Masks will most likely be required on deck so the pool attendant will not be required to take temperatures.

Gym: We are working to open the gym in accordance with State and county guidelines. The opening date is T.B.D.

Sports Facility Lot: The Kingswood Village sports facility parking lot will be open May 1st thru Oct 15 th (weather permitting). All vehicles and trailers must be registered with

K.V.P.O.A. Maintenance Dept. or they will be towed at the owner’s expense.

The registration form can be found near the lot entrance, and online at:

https://www.kvpoa.org/forms-documents Please email the completed form

to kingswood.tahoe@gmail.com, or turn it into the office. There is a mail slot

in my door if I am not in. This is a short-term parking lot. Vehicles and trailers with sleeping quarters are limited to a maximum of 3 days; overnight camping is strictly prohibited.

All vehicles must have current registration and be operable. This lot is an asset for owners and guest with boats and travel trailers; it is not a storage yard for unwanted vehicles. Lights and

Birds: Spring is here and the birds will be busy. Check your outside light fixtures for bird nests before flipping that switch! Nests in the fixtures are a fire danger. If you need assistance removing a nest, give maintenance a call at 546-5003 and we will give you a hand. The sooner you call the better. In an effort to minimize fire danger, KVPOA staff will be installing 60w equivalent LED bulbs in every wall-mounted fixture during April of 2020. Other types of bulbs should not be used.

Fire Safety: Due to the sparse snow fall this year, we can expect a very dry, high fire danger summer season once again. Please remain vigilant regarding fire safety. Be sure your unit is up to date by servicing your fire extinguisher. Also, make sure you are up to current CA Fire code by installing combination co2/smoke alarms with a 10-yr. lithium battery. Open flame devices of any type are prohibited at Kingswood Village.

Smoking and Vaping is prohibited at Kingswood Village. There are fines of $500 in place per violation chargeable to the unit owners! Please be sure to inform guests, rental agencies, and family members of the open flame ban.


Only owners and the guests of owners are allowed to have dogs on Kingswood property. Short term and long term renters are prohibited from having dogs at any time. Remind your rental agent of this policy. If you post online, be sure this policy is stated clearly. Dogs must be leashed at all times on Kingswood grounds. Please make the effort to pick up after your dogs. Failing to do so creates an unfair and unsanitary situation for your neighbors. Keep Kingswood Clean!


Bears are roaming and looking for easy meals. Be bear aware! Lock the dumpsters after every use. If you notice a bin that does not have the secured bear bar secured, please fix it. Do not leave garbage out at any time. Do not leave food in your vehicle and lock the doors! We have vehicles destroyed in our lot every year by bears. For more info about living with bears see:

http://www.savebears.org/ Please inform guests, renters, and family

members of the importance of keeping our bears healthy.



Ruth Whitehouse

Each year, three homeowners are elected to serve on the Board of Directors at Kingswood Village, for a three year term. If you are reading this, chances are you are one of those homeowners! Please…keep reading!

This year, with an election coming up in September, we are again soliciting new Board members from our 238 homeowners. As co-chair of the Nominating Committee, I am being assisted this year by Susie Holway, a newly appointed Board member.

We did not have an in-person Homeowners meeting last year, due to the pandemic. Chances are we will not have on this year either, but that will be determined at a later date.

Last year, we asked that the secret ballots sent to all Owners in August be returned promptly, in order to have a quorum, thus enabling us to have a business meeting. The election of officers is considered a business matter. Because we did not have a quorum in September, we extended the voting process to our October meeting, at which time we had a quorum. This year we will make the same concerted effort to achieve a quorum of ballots in September so that we can proceed with the scheduled election.

Timeline for nominations and voting:

June: Electronic notice of Nominations.

July: All Owners will be sent a Notice of Meeting to count and tabulate director election ballots. This mailing will include a list of the candidates and their biographies.

August: Secret mail-in ballots will be mailed. Please return ballots promptly! Your ballot helps in establishing a quorum that allows us to conduct a business meeting, which includes the Election of Directors.

Last year was a year of unprecedented change for all of us! We are still learning how to cope with new rules and expectations. Please consider joining your Board at Kingswood Village. We are all volunteers and it is a great way to meet other Owners and learn about the decisions being made on your behalf at Kingswood Village: the BEST complex in the Tahoe Basin!

Any questions, please call Ruth Whitehouse, Nominating Committee Co-Chair, 707-448-0723


New Trails and Signage for Adventurers

You may have noticed the increased number of cars parked in the cul-de-sac at the end of Cambridge. The popular new Beaver Tail Trail which was constructed two summers ago has attracted mountain bikers from all Tahoe and beyond. This trail was built in 2019 by the Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association, in partnership with the Forest Service and the North Tahoe Public Utility District. Funding was supported by the Truckee Tahoe Airport and the Tahoe Fund.

In conjunction with this project, signage was also added to trails all around the north Tahoe area. If you venture up to the powerline trail on the trail at the end of Commonwealth, you can find directions and distance to Kings Beach Trail, Griff Creek Trail, and to the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Happy adventuring!