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Fall 2019 Newsletter

September 24, 2019


President's Message

By Mary Ann Pivetti


The air is getting colder and tips of some of the foliage near the pool are beginning to turn red, fall must be coming. Fall marks the completion of another fiscal year for Kingswood Village. We finished off fiscal year 2019 with our Annual Homeowner’s Meeting in September. To those who attended, thank you so much for making the effort to join our meeting. If you were not able to attend, we will provide informational updates in our newsletter and website. In addition, we have posted a PDF version of our presentation at


One of the primary tasks at the annual meeting is to complete the board member election. Frank and Donna Gallardo served as our election inspectors again this year. Homeowner participation in our election helped us easily reach the required quorum to have a valid election. The board is pleased to welcome the continuing support of Shawna Brekke-Read, Jeff Dickinson, and Rene’ Gottwig as members of our board. They have each been elected to another three-year term.


At the conclusion of our luncheon, your board held a brief special board meeting to elect officers for the coming year. Your officers are as follows: Mary Ann Pivetti, President, Tim Booth, Vice President, Rene’ Gottwig, secretary and Jeff Dickinson, treasurer. I look forward to continuing as President of Kingswood Village Property Owner’s Association for the coming year. The board welcomes any questions or comments from Homeowners. We can be reached at If you would like to contact me directly I can be reached at As a homeowner you are welcome to attend any of our regularly scheduled board meetings. There is time set aside at the beginning of our agenda for homeowner comments. Our agenda is posted on the bulletin board maintenance building or on our website for your reference. The board meeting dates can be found on the website.


I look forward to serving as your board president for another year.


Enjoy the beautiful Fall weather in Tahoe. Sincerely, Mary Ann Pivetti

New KVPOA Dues


KVPOA homeowner dues increase in October 2019 to $330 per month. October invoices will reflect this new amount. Please update any automatic payment amounts you’ve set up through Heritage Bank portal or other automatic payment methods. This $22 increase is being made to help fund another full time employee to keep up with the demands of our complex as well as other projects. The $330 / month is broken down as follows: $241 Operating Budget (73%), $79 Reserve Funds (24%), and $10 Capital Improvement (3%).  All Homeowners were mailed complete budget details in your 2019 election packet.


Boat Lot 


The boat lot will close October 15, 2019 and reopen next May, 2020. Any unauthorized vehicles or trailers left in the lot will be towed at the owner’s expense. 

Fire Safety  


Fireplace ashes must be emptied into the suspended red metal cans near the dumpsters, even if you think those ashes are stone cold! Do not place an ash can directly on the wooden deck boards; Doing so is an extreme fire hazard! Be sure to place a brick, paver tile, or other noncombustible barrier under the can. Failing to do so could result in a Safety Violation which carries a $500 fine.


 Kayak Racks


Please remove all watercraft from the racks prior to November 1, 2019. Staff will begin maintenance and rearranging the racks so more may be added next season. If you are unable to take your kayaks home, they maybe stored on your decks this winter, but must be covered with a brown tarp. The board will be investigating a system of kayak registration when the renovated and new racks are ready next spring.


New Lighting Project


Kingswood Village is continuing to work on an upgrade to outdoor lighting around the complex parking lots, walkways, and other common areas. This will be a very large and complex project. David Stirling, our property manager sent out a request for proposal (RFP) to approximately a dozen firms specializing in lighting design. By the June deadline, only two firms had submitted proposals for the board’s consideration. A lighting committee has reviewed these proposals and is in the process of bringing the next steps to the board for consideration.  Please watch for updates to this large project in our newsletters and website.

Short Term Rentals


When Kingswood Village sent out their 2018 survey, we asked homeowners if the board should consider imposing an annual fee for short term rentals. At that time, homeowners responded 48% No, 39% Yes. Using this data, the board made the decision not to proceed with fees at that time. Since then, the board members have heard growing concerns about the impact of short term rentals on our complex. Homeowners have spoken at board meetings, sent messages and emails to board members, as well as talked with us at the pool and parking lot. As a response, this fall the board will reconsider the feasibility of imposing an annual fee to help mitigate the impact of short term rentals. If you have any specific thoughts about this topic you are encouraged to contact board members through our website at


Property Managers Corner 

 By David Stirling





Firewood stored on your decks is limited to a ¼ cord per deck in a staggered formation. A ¼ cord is three, six-foot long rows, no higher than the deck railing. You may not store wood on entry porches or any other common area.  Example:




Have your furnaces inspected before winter! A failure could lead to frozen pipes and costly water damage. When leaving your unit for any length of time, secure all doors, windows (especially the loft), and have your thermostat set no lower than 55 degrees. Along with checking your furnace, now is a great time to check smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, fire extinguishers, and dryer vents.




Dumpsters are for house hold trash only! Furniture, appliances, televisions, couches, lumber, and construction material are your responsibility to haul to the transfer station.  If you see what you suspect is illegal dumping you can help by discreetly taking a picture of the vehicle license plate and email it to me.


Barbecue Certification: 


Have you returned your electric grill certification? By September 19, 2019 all electric grills on decks at Kingswood Village must have the certification form on file. Once you have submitted your form, staff will attach a tag to the trim on your deck to help easily identify the grill on the deck is electric, and has been registered with management. Any grills on decks without this certification could be subject to the $500 Safety Violation Fine.


Thank you, David

New Placer County Hotline


Placer County residents can now report nuisances related to short-term rental properties using a new around-the-clock complaint hotline. Operated by Host Compliance, the hotline is intended to offer neighbors a simple, anonymous alternative to calling law enforcement to report non-emergency issues like noise or parking problems caused by short-term rental guests. The hotline phone number is 530-448-8003. Complaints may also shared online at "Tahoe and the mountains have long been popular with visitors. It’s clear we’re seeing more issues with guests in our neighborhoods who aren’t familiar with our local rules and regulations and community concerns,” said District 5 Supervisor Cindy Gustafson. “We’re doing a lot to help make sure they know the rules and are expected to follow them. But if they don’t, this new hotline is a fast, discreet way to get those issues corrected. By county code, owners or operators of short-term rentals are required to provide the county with a designated local contact who can respond to complaints within an hour. The hotline works by sharing complaint reports with those designated local contacts so they can resolve them directly with their guests.  Complaints are anonymous, but callers may choose to leave their contact information so operators can follow up with them to ensure their complaint has been adequately resolved.

Fun Photos Shared by Homeowners:


"Bailey" Sitting Pretty   (notice he is still on his leash!)


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