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Summer 2019 Newsletter

June 26, 2019



President's Message

By Mary Ann Pivetti


It seemed like winter just wasn't going to let go of Tahoe. Kingswood Village’s swimming pool was open by Memorial Day, even though it snowed over the holiday. I came up the first weekend of June and enjoyed a walk through the complex. The nets are up and ready for tennis, basketball and pickle ball. The bocce ball court is raked and ready, as well as a few boats parked in the Sports Facility lot. Our maintenance crew has worked hard to keep on top of all the pine needles that fell and accumulated under the snow this winter. They are making excellent progress and the lawns are a lush green. Kingswood Village is ready for summer! On behalf of your board of directors we hope that you, your family, guests, and any renters you may have, get a chance to come enjoy this beautiful area over the summer.

Proposed Rules Now in Place


At the end of March, all homeowners were mailed a letter to their homes, notifying them of the potential rule changes made by your board of directors regarding open flame grills, ash buckets, and a new fine schedule. The thirty-day waiting period​ has now expired so these rules are now in place. KVPOA Rules and Regulations have been updated and a complete listing is available on our website (click here). As a quick reminder, in addition to the open flame grill ban, Kingswood Village adopted the following:




3. All ashes from fireplaces must be disposed of in the approved ash buckets located next to the garbage dumpsters. Fire danger in the region is very high and extreme caution must be exercised. Dump ashes in red cans near outside dumpsters immediately. Do not leave filled ash buckets on the decks. Any violation of this policy will be considered a safety violation and subject to a safety violation fine as outlined in Kingswood Village Fine Schedule of our Rules and Regulations.



4.2 The Property Manager or his designee has the authority to declare a situation a fire safety violation and issue an immediate safety violation as outlined in KVPOA fine schedule.




  • 1ST INFRACTION  ………………………………………………………………..    $100

  • 2nd INFRACTION (same offense) or failure to correct within allotted time …... $200

  • 3rd INFRACTION (same offense) or failure to correct within allotted time …… $300

  • Additional violations (same offense) or failure to correct within allotted time ... $400

  • SAFETY VIOLATION …………………………………………..………………....  $500

  • Continuing SAFETY violations …………… Daily fines of $500 until corrected

  • SUSPENSION ...……………………… Common area privileges may be suspended

  • Assessment may be levied to reimburse HOA expenses

New Pool Rules


To help clarify some of the existing rules, the board of directors reviewed and passed some changes to the rules that we will implement this summer. These rules can be found on our website (click here)  These rules will be formally adopted and become part of our Rules and Regulations. The rules are posted at the swimming pool as well. Kingswood Village pool is a favorite spot over the summer. If we all work together, these should help make time at the pool a pleasant experience for everyone.


Electric Grill Implementation


Kingswood Village now has reached 100% compliance with removal of open flame grills from our complex. To all homeowners, thank you for your diligence and efforts in helping Kingswood Village make this change. Thirty-nine homeowners participated in the electric grill purchase from Kings Beach ACE Hardware. Other homeowners found a variety of electric grills and have them in use on their decks. A big note of appreciation should be extended to Kingswood Village maintenance team. They were crucial in the success of this implementation. Our crew assembled and delivered all but two of the group buy barbecues and helped many homeowners remove their old grills. The crew will continue throughout the summer tagging electric grills as an identification measure. This is designed to make it easier to stay in compliance with our open flame grill ban. If you haven’t yet replaced your grill and have questions, Kingswood Village’s electric grill specifications can be found here (click here).

Property Managers Corner

By David Stirling


Fire Danger


Smokers use ash trays! Not only are buts on the ground unsightly and unsanitary, they are a fire starter. Place ashes from fireplaces in the red metal cans located near the dumpsters. All open flame devices are now banned at Kingswood!


Entry and Porch Lights


Please be sure to use no higher than a 60-watt bulb in the exterior light fixtures. Using a higher wattage bulb may start a fire! Replacing incandescent and compact fluorescent lights with LED bulbs is highly recommended for safety and energy efficiency.




Children do play in the lots, so please be courteous to others by keeping your speed down to 5 mph.


Sports Facility Lot


The sports facility parking lot is now open through October 15, 2019. All vehicles and trailers must be registered with K.V.P.O.A Maintenance Department.  Forms are available online (click here) and at the maintenance office. R.V.’s are allowed for 3 days, and may not be occupied.  All vehicles/trailers must have current registration and be operable. Vehicles that violate these terms of use will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.  The lot also serves as day use parking for the pool and tennis court.


New Employee


Please welcome Josh Peternell.

He is helping out with our landscaping. 

Birds and Bears


With spring comes wildlife. As usual, birds looking for a place to nest have sought out the vertical light fixtures on porches and decks. These are a great place to get shelter, warmth, and be hidden. Unfortunately, these become a real safety hazard if someone turns on a light. Please check the light fixtures around your unit. If you discover a nest, simply let maintenance know about it and they will come to remove it for you.


Kingswood Village has also become a favorite spot for the three bear cubs who are now on their own for the first time this summer. They are cinnamon in color and not afraid to climb. They have also discovered that some homeowners have put out bird seed and suet and it is tasty! Our maintenance crew has chased one of these visitors off a homeowner’s deck. In addition to keeping trash picked up and the trash bins locked tight, look at your decks. Make sure that you don’t have anything on them that will entice these three young, climbing bear cubs. Also, remember to keep food out of your cars and your cars locked tight. Bears have become quite adept at getting into cars. Once in, they can quickly tear up your car. These bears are here and we don’t want them to make Kingswood Village their permanent residence.

Kayak Racks 

 Do you like to kayak in Lake Tahoe? Kingswood Village has many homeowners who have kayaks and paddle boards they like to have available while they are in Tahoe. KVPOA board is investigating how more kayak storage spaces can be added to our complex. A Survey Monkey survey will be sent to homeowners at the beginning of July regarding kayaks. The survey will only be sent to one email address per unit. It would be appreciated and tremendously helpful with planning if the survey recipient takes a few minutes to send in their thoughts.

Kingswood Village Election Process

 By Ruth Whitehouse


While we can’t all be members of the Golden State Warriors basketball team, we can be part of another winning team: The Kingswood Village Homeowners Association Board of Directors.


Each September homeowners elect three fellow homeowners to serve on the Board of Directors. If you would like to learn more about how our association works, this is your chance! Nineteen years ago, that is exactly what I did! I wanted to learn more about the complex, meet other homeowners and contribute to the all volunteer board. Directors work closely with the maintenance staff and help manage the operations of Kingswood Village as well as budgeting and long range planning. 


If you would like to join our winning team, please follow the instructions contained in the Letter of Invitation (click hereand Letter of Acceptance (click here) and return them to the KVPOA Nominating Committee prior to July 15th, 2019.


Kingswood Village will send out annual election packet in early August. Homeowner’s Association election laws require that ballots only be sent via USPS. A self-addressed stamped return envelope will be included for your use.


Only homeowners are allowed to vote. Even if we only end up with three candidates running for three open positions. Please take a moment to fill this ballot out, sign the envelope and drop it in the mail. These ballots help us obtain a quorum so we can conduct official Kingswood Village business.


Budget Development


During the month of June, KVPOA board of directors doesn’t have a regularly scheduled board meeting. This is the time for year 2020 budget development. The budget committee is hard at work developing a budget that will meet the needs of Kingswood Village. Plans are being made regarding staffing, projects and improvements for Kingswood,Village and the ongoing maintenance. All Homeowners are encouraged to send suggestions to the board at At the July 13, 2019 board meeting, the budget will be presented and hopefully passed by your board of directors. This meeting will begin at 9:00AM and be held in the meeting room. All homeowners are welcome to attend.

Annual Meeting


Kingswood Village will hold their annual homeowner’s meeting on Saturday September 14, 2019 at 11:00AM. All homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend this meeting. The meeting is intended to provide an update on what is happening and potentially planned for Kingswood Village,  elect new board members, and give homeowners a chance to ask questions, as well as provide suggestions to the board. In addition to the meeting, lunch will be provided.  We hope to see many of you at our meeting.

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