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Spring 2019 Newsletter

March 30, 2019

President's message

By Mary Ann Pivetti

The calendar says it is spring, but it certainly still seems like winter in Tahoe! There is so much snow!! We extend a heartfelt thank you to our dedicated maintenance crew for persevering as storm after storm hit the Tahoe basin these last couple of months. At one point in February, David Stirling, our property manager, worked 17 days straight and logged 14 hours in one day. Steve and Derek also came in day after day to shovel snow, blow off sidewalks, and keep things as cleared as possible. I would be remiss if a note of appreciation wasn’t also included to you - the homeowner. This winter we had almost 100 percent cooperation from those parked in the parking lot moving their cars as required and helping us keep things clear. This would not have happened if you weren’t out there moving your car or making sure that your guests and renters got the message. Well done, everyone! Hopefully we are almost ready to say a final goodbye to winter and hello spring!

Open flame grills banned by insurance carrier


Each spring Kingswood Village must renew the insurance policy that covers our complex. Towards the end of last summer, Commercial Industrial Building Alliance (CIBA), our insurance carrier, did an inspection of our complex. They found excellent fire protection practices with the exception of BBQs on the decks. As they began to work on our policy renewals and review of our conditions, the combination of wood construction buildings, Cal Fire’s hazard severity rating of “very high” and the unprecedented number of wildfires in California, CIBA determined that the condition of renewal would include removal of ALL open flame devices located within 10 feet of a structure. For clarification, open flame grills are any grills that cook with flame as the heat source. It does not matter whether or not the BBQs have a lid.


Our insurance broker John Antaki, of Integro Insurance Brokers, was first informed of this issue last fall. He began negotiations with our carrier in an attempt to limit the proposed restriction. Since that time, we actively sought any and all alternatives to this insurance mandate. This included intensified negotiations with CIBA, contacting any and all insurance carriers for the Tahoe basin for alternative coverage that allowed BBQs, contacting other complexes in the region for their ideas, discussing alternative placements of BBQs, siding, fireproofing, etc. CIBA held firm with their mandate. Options with any carrier that would allow open flame grills in the Tahoe area were extremely limited and cost prohibitive.


After consultation with legal counsel, the board really had no other option but the implementation of a ban of open flame grill devices. We have determined that electric grills would be allowed. As explained in the letter sent to all homeowners, electric grills must be inspected and registered with our property manager before use.


As a board, we are very aware that this comes soon after the fire department banned all charcoal and five-gallon propane grills. We are also aware that homeowners bought new natural gas grills and some homeowners installed gas lines. Being forced to make this decision was nothing any of us wanted to consider, but it had to be done.


David Stirling, our property manager has committed his and his team’s support to homeowners as this transition is made. Please contact him if you need any assistance. At this time the board is discussing all options to add additional barbecue areas to our complex. Please continue to send your thoughts and suggestions to or the comment section of the website.

New Window Requirements


If you are considering replacing your windows at Kingswood Village please be aware that energy efficiency requirements have required that our Architectural Review Committee review and update KVPOA window replacement requirements and form. State law will no longer allow window replacements to have metal frames. If you have new windows or have no desire to make this change, you don’t have to do anything. If you want to upgrade, please find the new form and all of the pertinent information on our website. Look for the Architectural Review Form. 


KVPOA architectural review committee spent many hours researching new laws, building code, window manufacturers, etc. to develop this comprehensive guideline for new windows and sliding doors. We appreciate their thoroughness and commitment to finding the best solutions possible for Kingswood Village. KVPOA is not allowed to recommend one specific window manufacturer, but this form should include all of the necessary information to guide you in your choices. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact David Stirling, our property manager. 

Property manager's report

by David Stirling 



Kingswood KVPOA will contract a chimney sweep to inspect your fireplace and flues this spring. KVPOA pays for the annual inspection and necessary cleaning from the operating budget; all interior repairs are the responsibility of the unit owner. It may be necessary for the sweep to enter your unit multiple times should your chimney need to be cleaned. Units with gas burning logs or gas fireplaces still need to be inspected for excessive carbon buildup. An inspection report will be filed in the maintenance office, and any repair notices will be sent to your mailing address. If you have changed your entry locks, please update maintenance with current copies of keys and/or codes. Notices will be emailed and placed on unit doors 48 hours in advance. 


Fire Safety

The days of red flag warnings are not to far off. Do not let the current snow pack and official end of the drought lull you to sleep regarding fire safety. Please be sure your unit is up to date by servicing your fire extinguisher. Also make sure you are up to current CA fire code by installing combination carbon monoxide/smoke alarms with a 10-year lithium battery. 


Entry and Porch Lights

Please be sure to use no higher than a 60-watt bulb in the exterior light fixtures. Using a higher wattage bulb may start a fire! Replacing incandescent and compact fluorescent lights with LED bulbs is highly recommended.



The Kingswood pool and courts will open Memorial Day weekend (weather permitting). Pool and sauna hours will be 9 a.m. to sunset through Labor Day. Gym hours will be 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.


Kingswood will be purchasing new pool furniture this year. If you have requests or suggestions please send me a note.


Sports Facility Lot (aka: the boat lot)

The Kingswood Village sports facility parking lot will be open May 15th thru Oct 15th (weather permitting). All vehicles and trailers must be registered with KVPOA maintenance dept. or they will be towed at the owner’s expense. The registration form can be found near the lot entrance, near my office door and on our website. Please email the completed form or turn it into the office. There is a mail slot in my door if I am not in.


This is a short-term parking lot. Vehicles and trailers with sleeping quarters are limited to a maximum of three days; overnight camping is strictly prohibited. All vehicles must have current registration and be operable. This lot is an asset for owners and guests with boats and travel trailers; it is not a storage yard for unwanted vehicles.



Spring is here and the birds are busy. Check your outside lights for bird nests before flipping that switch! Nests in the fixtures are a fire danger. If you need assistance removing a nest, give maintenance a call at (530) 546-5003 and we will give you a hand.  



Bears are roaming and looking for easy meals. Be bear aware! Lock the dumpsters after every use. If you notice a bin that does not have the bear bar secured please fix it. Do not leave garbage out at any time. Do not leave food in your vehicle and lock the doors! We have vehicles destroyed every year by bears in our lot. For more info about living with bears, click here 

Opening on KVPOA Board of Directors


It is with heavy hearts the KVPOA board accepted the resignation of DeDe Cordell at our March meeting, effective on the closing date of the sale of her townhome. DeDe and her husband Ray have both been tremendous assets to Kingswood in their short tenure as homeowners in Kingswood. Ray served on the board for approximately two years. When his term was expiring, DeDe stepped in to run for his position. Since that time, DeDe has upgraded our website and been responsible for our newsletter. DeDe has also been instrumental in our current annual homeowner meeting presentations. If you are interested in serving as an appointed board member until September 2020, please contact Mary Ann Pivetti for further information. A board member appointment will be determined at the April 13th Board of Directors meeting.

Updated lighting


Last spring, a survey was completed by Kingwood homeowners. Survey results indicated that the first choice for capital improvement projects was to upgrade and improve lighting around our complex. We want to inform you that the first step of this project is now underway. At the March KVPOA board meeting a request for proposal (RFP) was approved by the KVPOA board to be sent out to local engineering and lighting companies to include review of current lighting as well as design plans for upgraded infrastructure and lighting in our complex. Proposals are due to the board by June 1st. A selection will be made after a thorough review of the submitted proposals. If you would like to see the RFP, please contact our property manager. 



All of the snow in Tahoe will eventually melt and it will be time to think about landscaping. We have an active landscape committee that will be bringing project ideas and recommendations to the board later this spring. Our budget includes funding for some new projects as well as a three day per week landscape person. If you have ideas or requests for projects, please contact Linda Garcia, our landscape committee chairperson. 

Kingswood Village neighborhood group


If you are interested in joining the Kingswood Village neighbor group, please email the board and we will send you the necessary information. There are often useful topics for homeowners that may be of interest to Kingswood Village residents. If this is your second home and you are currently signed up at your primary residential address, you must use a separate email address to sign onto a second group. only allows one email address per residential address. Kingswood Village will not give out your information to anyone or group so if you are interested you must initiate the process.

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