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All Open Flame Grills Banned at Kingswood Village

On March 27, 2019, Kingswood Village Board of Directors held an emergency board meeting to take the necessary action required to maintain casualty insurance in our complex. CIBA, Commercial Industrial Building Alliance, our insurance carrier, made a condition of policy renewal that all open flame grill devices be banned in our complex. After a thorough investigation of all options including other carriers, consultation with our legal counsel, and assessing the inherent wildfire risks in California, KVPOA Board of Directors passed the following emergency operating rule:


“Due to the extreme wildfire danger in the area and a condition of issuing casualty insurance, all open flame grill devices, covered or uncovered, with the exception of those provided by KVPOA, are banned on all Kingswood Village property, including but not limited to common areas, parking lots, entry decks, and decks. Electric grills are allowed to be used on decks, but must be inspected and registered with property management before use. Any violation of this policy will be considered a safety violation and subject to a safety violation fine as outlined in the Kingswood Village Fine Schedule in our Rules and Regulations. This emergency operating rule is effective immediately and will remain in effect for 120 days at which time this operating rule change will become permanent.” This rule change, once permanent will be located on Rules and Regulations: Page 10, SAFETY AND INSURANCE #4.


This emergency declaration now requires all homeowners to remove their open flame grills effective immediately or no later than 60 days (May 29, 2019) of receipt of this notice. If you choose to replace your open flame grill with an electric grill you must register this device with our property manager and allow his inspection of the device. 


This situation is very difficult for everyone involved. The board has spent hours contemplating the appropriate actions in the interest of our community. Barbecuing is a favorite summer activity for all Kingswood homeowners, guests, and renters. We are sensitive to the hardship this is placing on everyone. Our property manager has committed to helping homeowners as much as possible. Please contact David Stirling at for assistance you may need with the matter.


This notification is being mailed to your home address as well as a copy placed inside each unit of Kingwood Village. If you rent your unit, please make sure that your management company receives notification of the immediate implementation of this rule change. To support the message delivery, notices will be placed in common areas as well.



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