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Winter 2018/19 Newsletter

December 23, 2018

President's Message  

-By Mary Ann Pivetti


Happy Holidays Kingswood Village Homeowners! On behalf of Kingswood Village Property Owners Board of Directors, we wish all of you a wonderful holiday season filled with family, friends and good times!


Your Kingswood Village Board of Directors is completing another busy year. Our meetings had full agendas, lots of discussions, and compromise decisions were reached. We have made every attempt to inform you of our decisions through letters, email and sometimes phone calls. Keeping you informed and involved is important to the board. Please take the time to read through this newsletter to keep up with what has been happening at Kingswood Village. 

Property Manager's Report

-By David Stirling


Parking during snow season: 

Now that the snow has started again, we can all use some helpful reminders about parking in the winter to keep everyone safe. If you rent your unit or have guests unfamiliar with winter parking, it would be a great idea to share these tips with them:

  • Please move vehicles to parking areas that have already been cleared of snow ASAP. All vehicles must be moved every 24 hours during snow (for removal). The clock starts at noon daily during snow events. Vehicles that aren’t moved within the 24 hours are subject to towing at the owner’s expense. 

  • Please park so that drive lanes are not blocked. We have to keep things open for emergency vehicles and our snow removal equipment.

  • When returning to Kingswood please park at least one parking space away from any spaces that have not been plowed. 

  • If you leave town, make arrangements for your vehicle to be moved by a roommate or friend, arrange to park off site, or call maintenance at (530) 546-5003 to make parking arrangements.

  • The boat lot closed Oct. 15 to be used for snow storage and will reopen next spring. Arrangements must be made with KVPOA maintenance prior to any winter use of this lot. Any unauthorized vehicles or trailers in the lot will be towed at the owner’s expense.


Dumpsters, Trash and Ash (oh my!):

The dumpsters are for household trash only. Furniture appliances, tires and construction debris are your responsibility to take to the landfill/transfer station. Go to for more information. 


The local wildlife loves to dine at Kingswood. It is unhealthy and makes a terrible mess. All garbage must be placed inside the dumpsters. As a helpful reminder, we’ve placed a graphic on each dumpster to help everyone understand how to use these bear bins. Please look for it and tell your renters and guests how to use the dumpsters. 

The bears are also well versed at breaking into vehicles to get food. Our bears do not hibernate through the winter, they wake every four weeks or so to eat. Do not leave any food, wrappers, bags etc. in your vehicle. Vehicles get destroyed every winter due to a bear trying to get food. Keep your property and our bears safe: be bear aware!




All fireplace ashes are to be emptied in the red metal cans suspended near the dumpsters. Even in the winter when it is snowing and cold ashes stored on the wood decks are a fire hazard.



Furnace inspections:

It’s that time of year when we all rely on our furnaces. When you are using your unit you want to stay warm, but when you’re away it is important to keep the water pipes warm too. A furnace failure could lead to frozen pipes and costly water damage.


When leaving your unit for any length of time, secure all doors, windows (especially the loft), and have your thermostat set no lower than 55 degrees to prevent your water pipes from freezing. 


Gym hours and location: 

The gym at Kingswood is now located in the center room of the pool building. Access is provided at the northwest pool gate, and through the restrooms, via your amenities card.

Gate and door hours are set to allow access between 5:30 a.m. and 9 p.m. daily.


As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!  

New Rules and Regulations Now in Place


The 30-day comment period for our new rules and regulations has now expired, and we have the following additions to our rules and regulations: There is a maximum occupancy allowance for each unit now, and some additional rules for homeowners who rent their unit. The exact wording can be found in Appendix C on our website. Please make sure that you understand these changes and add these rules to your records.ic
No Parking Permits at Kingswood Village

In our survey last year, we asked homeowners if we should consider parking permits. The results were:

  • YES - 45 percent

  • NO - 35 percent

  • 28 additional comments submitted

    • 16 wrote strong statements against permits

    • 4 people spoke favorably for permits

    • The other statements were either neutral, offered suggestions or asked questions

At our rental workshop last April, the board considered this matter and rejected it. After our annual meeting, we were asked to revisit parking permits. The board gave this matter a great deal of thought this fall. We revisited all of the survey information, as well as considered possible ways to implement permits, ease of distribution and use by both homeowners and guests, and potential costs.


As we contemplated the practicalities of implementation, oversight, and potential impacts on staff time, we have determined that we will not pursue the use of parking permits at Kingswood Village. 

Noisy Parties 

With holiday celebrations upon us, many people are enjoying gathering together for parties. Since Kingswood Village is a shared space community, it is important to be aware that parties may be noisy to our neighbors.


Quiet hours for Kingswood Village are from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Our property manager has reached out to local law enforcement and confirmed that they will come out when called about a noise disturbance. Please call (530) 581-6330 if it is needed. It might be a good idea to have this number available in your unit. In addition to calling local law enforcement, we encourage you to contact our property manager and report the noise infraction. Kingswood Village is strictly enforcing quiet hours and will issue infraction notices and fines to the owners when the matter is brought to our attention. 

Financial Market Uncertainty

- By Jeff Dickinson, KVPOA Treasurer


First off, all of us on the KVPOA board are wishing you a most healthy and happy holiday season. 


There are many reasons to be grateful, but one thing we are not grateful for, particularly in the finance sector, is uncertainty. There is currently uncertainty in the air in both our public and private sectors. Uncertainty tends to make markets nervous. 


As your treasurer, following the stated KVPOA financial goals and guidelines, I am most concerned with interest rates and inflation and how uncertainty may affect those rates. Inflation, although rising, is not doing so at an unprecedented rate. We never like it too high as it makes our operation of Kingswood Village more expensive. Interest rates, as set by the Federal Reserve, are also rising. The uncertainty is when and how high.


Please know that we monitor the markets closely, as well as the Federal Reserve meetings and announcements, in order to reduce to an acceptable level, any uncertainty in investing the funds you have entrusted to your board.


Barring unforeseen events, 2019 appears, at least in the fixed income arena, to be a period of moderate growth and stability.

2019 Board Meeting Dates 

Your board of directors meets 10 times per year in the meeting room at Kingswood Village. These meetings are open to all homeowners of Kingswood Village. The board welcomes you to attend and has a regular section of the board meeting agenda set aside for your comments. If you have a comment you would like to share with the board but are unable to attend in person, please contact our president, Mary Ann Pivetti. We can make arrangements for you to call in and speak to the board via speaker phone. All meetings begin at 9:00 a.m.


The 2019 meeting dates are as follows:

  • January 19

  • February 9

  • March 16

  • April 13

  • May 18

  • June: No meeting

  • July 13

  • August 10

  • September 14 

    • 8:00 a.m. - board meeting

    • 11:00 a.m. - annual homeowner meeting 

  • October 12

  • November 9

  • December: No meeting

Family Gathering? Super Bowl Party?
The meeting room at Kingswood continues to be upgraded. There is a kitchen, restrooms, tables and chairs that would make it easy to hold a group gathering. Don’t forget there is a beautiful 75-inch high definition TV connected to cable for entertainment or to view a multimedia presentation. Any homeowner at Kingswood can rent our meeting room. This would make a wonderful place to hold a holiday or super bowl party. Contact David Stirling if you are interested. Our room rental agreement is available at this link on our website

Submit photos for our website and newsletter here.

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