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Fall 2018 Newsletter

October 13, 2018

President's Message  

-By Mary Ann Pivetti


This last year has been a busy year for Kingswood Village Property Owners Association. We finished off fiscal year 2018 with our annual homeowners' meeting in September. To those who attended, thank you so much for making the effort to join our meeting. If you were not able to attend, some of the information is below in our newsletter and we have posted a PDF version of our presentation here.


Frank and Donna Gallardo served as our election inspectors again this year. To hold an election, we need at least 119 ballots submitted. Luckily, the 119th ballot was submitted just as the meeting got underway so we were (barely!) able to conduct our annual homeowner business matters. That's why it's critical that you turn in your ballots each year (nudge, nudge).


Joining our board this year is Elena Zaikowski, a full time Kingswood resident, and we are thrilled to welcome back Carolyn Marquand after a year’s absence. I was also reelected for another three year term. 


Your officers for next year are as follows:

  • Mary Ann Pivetti, president

  • Tim Booth, vice president

  • Rene’ Gottwig, secretary

  • Jeff Dickinson, treasurer 


As a homeowner you are welcome to attend any of our regularly scheduled board meetings. There is time set aside at the beginning of our agenda for homeowner comments. Our agenda is posted on the bulletin board maintenance building or on our website for your reference. The board meeting dates can be found on the website, as well.


The board welcomes any questions or comments from homeowners. We can be reached at If you would like to contact me directly I can be reached at


Enjoy the beautiful fall weather in Tahoe!

2018 Survey Analysis is Complete

Kingswood board has now completed our survey analysis. We read and considered each suggestion and tried to answer all of the questions that were submitted.


At our annual meeting, board decisions regarding all of the big survey topics were shared with attendees. The hottest topics included: if we should keep the sauna operating in the winter (no), keeping the tennis courts open until the first snowfall (yes), keeping the swimming pool open an additional week after the annual meeting (it was), hiring part-time landscape help (yes), parking permits (maybe), a group-buy for internet and cable as well as for a water main shut off valve replacement (no), and of course, the recurring question of whether or not we should get a hot tub (no). 


Please review the presentation we gave at the meeting to see all the various topics and how your board has decided to approach each one.

Property Manager's Report

-By David Stirling


Cold weather is here. Time for some important reminders:


Fireplace ashes: must be emptied into the suspended red metal cans near the dumpsters, even if you think those ashes are stone cold!

Firewood stored on your decks: limited to a ¼ cord per deck in a staggered formation. You may not store wood on entry porches or any other common area.

Have your furnaces inspected before winter! A failure could lead to frozen pipes and costly water damage.

When leaving your unit: secure all doors, windows, and have your thermostat set no lower than 55 degrees.

Along with checking your furnace, now is a great time to check smoke detectors, co2 detectors, fire extinguishers, and dryer vents

The boat lot closes Oct 15th and will reopen next May. Any unauthorized vehicles or trailers left in the lot will be towed at the owner’s expense. 

Snow season is almost here! Please remember to move your vehicles every 24 hours during snow events

New Lighting Project for Kingswood

One of the big take-aways from the homeowner survey was that you want us to improve lighting at Kingswood! That project is getting underway now. We have hired Ferrell Civil Engineering to complete a lighting study and design for our complex. 


We are seeking interested homeowners who would like to participate on a committee to help us as we move forward on this project. We fully intend to engage homeowners to ensure we are selecting lighting that improves our quality of life and our property values. 


If you are interested, please e-mail our board member leading that committee, DeDe Cordell

New Rental Rules

If you are considering long-term rental use of your property, or anticipating increased short-term rentals with the arrival of snow, please consider using and posting our top 15 rules for renters that were distributed this summer.  

Noise Infractions
As a result of homeowner feedback, Kingswood has been issuing after-hours noise infractions when they have been reported. Infractions and fines are the responsibility of the homeowner so please let your guests and renters know that we have a strict quiet hour policy. Our quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.


Maximum Occupancy 

The Board of Directors recently passed a recommended change for our Rules and Regulations regarding maximum occupancy. This was part of the ongoing discussion related to challenges from short-term rentals. Our hope is that this will minimize some of the problems we've seen with overcrowded units, and alleviate some noise and parking issues. 


The proposal is as follows for maximum number of occupants:

  • 1 bedroom = 6 

  • 2 bedroom = 8

  • 3 bedroom = 10

  • 4 bedroom = 12

This proposed rule change is pending homeowner 30-day notification and appeal period. A separate letter will be sent out to initiate that process. 

Placer to Explore Third Roundabout

-By Placer County


A new roundabout could be in the works for a high-traffic interchange in Kings Beach, with the Placer County Board of Supervisors approving a $900,000 contract agreement with Omni-Means to begin the safety and congestion improvement project.


Currently, traffic at the interchange is controlled by traffic signals, slowing the flow of traffic at the intersection of state Route 267 and state Route 28.


The project aims to improve mobility for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, and enhance stormwater runoff quality. In addition to the new roundabout, it would add new sidewalks, a bicycle lane and amenities such as benches, bicycle racks, lighting and landscaping.


Read the full story here.


 One of the two current roundabouts in Kings Beach

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