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Summer 2018 Newsletter

June 30, 2018

President's Message  

-By Mary Ann Pivetti


Our pool is open, tennis and pickle ball nets are up, and bike trails are filling up. It must be summer time in Tahoe! For many people this is a favorite time of the year. On behalf of your Kingswood Board of Directors we hope that you and your family have time to enjoy Tahoe this summer and all of the wonderful amenities and features of Kingswood Village. 



Property Manager's Report

-By David Stirling


Bird Nests

It is extremely important to check all exterior lights, front and back for nesting activity. If a light with a nest is turned on and left on, it will cause a fire. This has happened in the past, so please check your exterior lights! If you spot a nest or need help removing a nest from your unit please contact the maintenance department


Sports Facility Lot

The sports facility parking lot is open May 1 through Oct. 15 for the summer season. All vehicles and trailers must be registered with the KVPOA maintenance department.  Forms are available on line and at the maintenance office. RVs are allowed for 3 days, and may not be occupied.  All vehicles/trailers must have current registration and be operable. Vehicles that violate these terms of use will be subject to towing at the owners expense. The lot also serves as day use parking for the pool and tennis court.


Fire Danger

Smokers use ashtrays! Not only are butts on the ground unsightly and unsanitary, they are a fire starter. Place ashes from fireplaces in the red metal cans located near the dumpsters. If using the BBQs near the bocce ball court, make sure all charcoal is extinguished and placed in an ash can before leaving the area. Charcoal BBQs are prohibited in all other areas!



Children do play in the lots, so please be courteous to others by keeping your speed down to 5 mph.


Landscaping Project

KVPOA will be upgrading the landscaping in front of 136 to 142 this season. We will be using native plants, mulch, and drip irrigation to give this area a much-needed facelift. By the time you read this, the project will be underway and perhaps completed. 



Bears and Trash

As hard as KVPOA attempts to communicate how to operate the bear bar on the dumpsters, many guests still don't get it. We now have an infographic sticker on each dumpster, and have painted the clips a contrasting yellow. Please help the community by educating anyone struggling with the bear bar about its importance and operation. Cleaning up after humans costs the maintenance team valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere. BE BEAR AWARE!

Do you have noisy neighbors? 

Kingswood Village has quiet hours from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. If you hear occupants of a nearby unit violating these quiet hours please contact the Placer County Sheriff's Office to report this disturbance for an immediate resolution. The non-emergency after hours number is (530) 581-6330. In addition, inform our property manager, David Stirling via email. He only needs the number of the unit. The board has heard from homeowners that this noise is impacting the enjoyment of our complex and infraction notices are being issued for this, but we can't fix it if we don't know about it, so please notify David. Homeowners are responsible for making sure that their guests and/or renters understand this rule and adhere to the rules. 

Exercise room has moved!

Kingswood Village is continuing to upgrade our amenities. The exercise room has been moved to the pool building.  There is more space for equipment and maintenance staff upgraded the room; including new paint and gym standard exercise room flooring.

One of our homeowners has donated a high end treadmill for our community’s use. This room can be accessed through the regular pool gate or the side gate using your fob or card (the panel for the side gate is located on the wall). To get to the exercise room enter through the men’s and women’s restrooms. For this summer the exercise room will be open during the regular pool hours of 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  We hope you enjoy this upgrade. 

Pick up your pool card and fob!

We still have quite a few of the new pool/activity cards to distribute. Without these new devices there is no access to the pool, exercise room, or our tennis courts. Unhappy renters have been showing up and are very disappointed that they don’t have access to Kingswood amenities. 


It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make arrangements to get these cards. Please remember you can’t just send a renter to pick these up without something in writing that has been submitted to our property manager. The owner of record can email David Stirling. State your unit number, name, and the name of who will be coming to get the card. Also please specify if you want them to receive both the fob and card or just one of the devices. 

If you've had a mouse problem, you're not alone!

We’ve heard from some homeowners that they are experiencing a mice problem in their townhomes. In discussions at the board meeting, it appears that this problem is not complex wide, but maybe specific to some buildings. Our property manager will be happy to suggest strategies you can implement to combat these pests. In some cases one homeowner may eliminate the problem in their unit, only to have the mice move to the next unit in the building complex. It would be helpful to fellow homeowners if you inform staff when you are experiencing a problem with mice. Knowing where the rodents are will help staff have a clearer picture of the extent of the problem and help us rid Kingswood Village of expanding infestations.

Homeowner survey results - part 2:

In our last newsletter we shared the first part of our survey results. Sixty-two percent of our homeowners took the time to share their thoughts and views about matters at Kingswood Village. Since the survey was completed, your board has spent time analyzing the information, question by question as well as the comments. This information is being used to develop an action plan related to each topic. 

Here are the results we haven't already covered previously: 


Based on your responses, your board has taken the following actions:

  1. Will discuss in August whether or not to keep the pool open one additional week after the annual meeting.

  2. Added fencing to the FY 2019 budget for safety should the sauna be kept available in the winter.

  3. Added additional funds to the FY 2019 budget for landscaping support.

  4. Determined no annual fee for rentals.

  5. Will not institute parking permits.

  6. Will not add additional bench seating.

  7. Will not pursue memorial benches.

  8. Will not purchase additional earthquake insurance for the complex.

  9. Will focus on improved lighting as our first capital improvement projects. 

What is a capital improvement fund?

- By Jeff Dickinson, Treasurer


The recent survey results showed a high degree of confidence in the board’s handling of the budget for Kingswood Village. Yet, based on questions we’ve received, clearly not all are familiar with the Capital Improvement Fund.


Although not required by regulation, the reason to have a capital fund is to identify and allocate your valuable and limited HOA dues. The idea was brought forward as a way to have transparency and better clarify for you how your dues are managed by the board.


What is a capital improvement? It is often defined as the addition of a permanent structural improvement or the restoration of some aspect of a property that will either enhance the property's overall value or increase its useful life. A capital improvement is not current maintenance, tools to facilitate maintenance, or expected and anticipated replacements of similar structural items. It’s something new for Kingswood.


What could be identified as capital improvements for Kingswood Village? One that has been approved and implemented is the new and much needed key fobs for pool access. Other suggested ideas that might fall into this category, but are not as yet approved for funding by the board, would be an improved lighting/electrical grid for the property, benches, playground area and equipment, bike racks and upgraded BBQ area.


As always the board is available to you to maintain the clarity and transparency you have come to expect.

The annual homeowners' meeting

Mark your calendars! Our annual homeowners' meeting will be September 8, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. in the meeting room. These meetings are important for conducting our board election, reviewing the work and focus of the board since the last meeting, and understanding the budget for the next fiscal year. This is also a time for homeowners to ask questions, share ideas, and get to know their neighbors. Please consider coming. Lunch will be served.  


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