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The Impact of Rentals at Kingswood

April 30, 2018

Your board of directors held a rental workshop on Saturday, April 21st. We did not make any formal motions, but we were able to develop some recommendations to discuss in our board meeting on May 19th. Since rentals seem to be a topic of interest to just about everyone, I am providing this update for you now, so you don’t need to wait until the June newsletter to find out what happened.


Several homeowners joined us for the meeting, which included a discussion about the impact of rentals in our community and possible ways that we could work together to address those impacts.  We reviewed available data provided by homeowners as well as our survey results.


After reviewing 18 different recommendations that had been developed by our rental committee, the board has decided to put the following recommendations forward for further discussion and development at our meeting in May:

  1. Develop a maximum occupancy limit per unit.

This matter has not been previously addressed in our Rules and Regulations and would help us minimize the impact on our complex and amenities when a unit is overcrowded. Although a townhome may be advertised in a rental listing as capable of sleeping 10 people, there are times when renters surpass the stated occupancy limit. As an association, we currently have no recourse other than to call the rental agency and report it.

  1. Make available to owners a list of best practices and basic KVPOA rules that could be posted in their unit and or shared with renters.

This would be developed to help owners or agencies inform their renters about items such as our quiet hours, maximum vehicle parking limits, use of amenities, dogs in the complex, etc. Often when renters are approached about a matter in violation, they claim they had no knowledge of the rule.

  1. Meet with primary rental agencies to cover rules and regulations and educate them about KVPOA environment.

David Stirling, our property manager, will be conducting these meetings with agencies we know have rentals in our complex.


At this time we will not proceed with further action on:

  • Charging an annual fee of owners who are renting their unit.

  • Implementing a parking pass program.


As homeowners, we are all responsible for helping our guests and renters follow community regulations. The board clearly heard a desire from owners that we make a real effort to enforce and potentially issue fines for infractions of our regulations that impact the quality of life in our community. We can’t issue infractions if we don’t know about them. Please help us out and let our staff know when you witness a problem. As long as we get a unit number, staff will do the rest. As an example:  If a loud party or other noise occurs during our quiet hours, in addition to calling the Placer County Sheriff or rental company, please let our Property Manager know about it. He only needs the unit number and he will implement the procedure as outlined on pages 12 – 14 of our Rules and Regulations.


If you have other thoughts, ideas, or input into this matter, please contact any board member at kvpoa.board We also invite any interested owner to attend our regularly scheduled board meetings. The next meeting will be on May 19th at 9:00 a.m. in our meeting room.


We hope to see you there!

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