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Spring 2018 Newsletter

April 1, 2018

President's message

By Mary Ann Pivetti


The first day of spring has come and gone and it is time for the Kingswood spring newsletter, but for the last couple of weeks, it sure didn't feel too much like spring yet. I do think we are all pleased with the additional snow that has fallen! This will mean a little more time on the ski slopes as well as water for our summer season. 


Your board has already begun to think about the spring and summer season at Kingswood. As you read through the newsletter, you will see evidence that there are summer plans already happening. We hope that you have time to enjoy the spring weather. If you get a chance to stop by, we have two board meetings scheduled during the spring months. The board would welcome any homeowners who want to attend our meetings. The next board meetings will be April 21st and May 19th, both meetings start at 9:00AM in our meeting room. We do not meet in June. 


In January, your board voted unanimously to appoint Rene’ Gottwig to fill an open position on our board of directors. Rene’ is a professor of mathematics at Sierra College, transferring to teach at the Tahoe-Truckee campus three years ago. Rene has been an instructor of math throughout her career and has sought out various collaborative and leadership positions in her field. Working at the Tahoe -Truckee campus, her previous vacation-only home in Kingswood Village has now become her full-time residence. Having a board member who resides full time at Kingswood provides a desirable perspective for the board. Rene’ has also agreed to assume the secretarial position on our board. We welcome her to our board of directors.

Vacation rentals - a special board workshop


The KVPOA board will be discussing issues pertaining to the impact of vacation rentals in our complex at a special board workshop on April 21, 2018. This workshop will take place outside of the regularly scheduled board meeting at noon on the 21st. Any interested homeowner is welcome to attend this workshop to listen to the discussion. If you have any special topics or specific thoughts related to the impact of vacation rentals and our next steps, please submit those to for the board’s consideration. The board will be reviewing survey results and comments, and determining next steps for Kingswood Village. If you are interested in this matter, we encourage you to attend.

Property manager's report

by David Stirling 


What a Miracle March! Spring arrived and brought winter with it. A big thanks to all of you who proactively moved your vehicles for snow removal. Our new loader and new snow blowers have been working great. We may get a spring ski season after all!

Our new loader at work during recent snow storms 



Kingswood will contract a chimney sweep to inspect your fireplace and flues this spring. KVPOA pays for the annual inspection and necessary cleaning out of our operating budget. All interior repairs are the responsibility of the unit owner. Units with gas burning logs or gas fireplaces will be inspected for excessive carbon buildup. An inspection report will be filed in the maintenance office, a copy will be left in your unit, and repair notices sent to your known mailing address. If you have changed your entry locks, please make sure you get current copies of keys and or codes to the maintenance staff. We will perform a key audit prior to the contractor’s arrival. Notices will be placed on unit doors 48-hours in advance. 


Sports Facility Lot (aka: the boat lot)

The sports facility parking lot will be open May 15 thru Oct 15 (weather permitting). All vehicles and trailers must be registered with the KVPOA maintenance office or they will be towed at the owner’s expense. The registration form can be found here. This is a short term parking lot. Vehicles and trailers with sleeping quarters are limited to a maximum of 3 days; overnight camping is strictly prohibited. All vehicles must have current registration and be operable. This lot is an asset for owners and guest with boats and travel trailers; it is not a storage yard for unwanted vehicles.



Spring is here and the birds are busy. Check your outside lights for bird nests before flipping that switch! If you need assistance removing a nest, give maintenance a call at (530) 546-5003 and we will give you a hand.  



Only owners and the guests of owners are allowed to have dogs on Kingswood property. Short term and long term renters are prohibited from having dogs at any time. Remind your rental agent of this policy. If you post online, be sure this policy is stated clearly. Dogs must be leashed at all times on Kingswood grounds, even if you are simply going from your unit to your car.  And please, take the time and make the effort to pick up after your dogs. Failing to do so creates an unfair and unsanitary situation for your neighbors. 



Bears are looking for easy meals. Be bear aware! Lock the dumpsters after every use. If you notice a bin that does not have the bear bar secured please fix it. Do not leave garbage out at any time. Do not leave food in your vehicle and lock the doors! We have vehicles destroyed every year by bears in our lot. For more info about living with bears, click here 

New pool card/activity entry system


By the time our swimming pool opens on Memorial weekend, we will have a new card entry system installed. This is an upgrade to our current system. Those old orange cards are being replaced by a key fob that will enable you to enter the pool, exercise room, and tennis courts. The new system allows us to monitor use and to enable and disable fobs with ease. The goal is to reduce both the cost of replacement fobs as well as limit lost cards getting into the hands of individuals who should not have access to Kingswood amenities. Please watch for emails from Kingswood in the coming weeks, with instructions for picking up your fob. This is our first purchase with capital improvement funds that we began setting aside at the beginning of the fiscal year. 


On a related note, the pool and tennis courts will open Memorial Day weekend (weather permitting). Pool hours will be limited until mid-June. Summer hours will be 9am-8pm until Labor Day.

The exercise room is relocating!


When there wasn’t snow to shovel this winter, our full-time staff has been hard at work revamping the empty space by the swimming pool into a new and updated exercise room. The tile floors and walls are gone and have been replaced by gym quality rubber mat flooring, textured and painted walls, and some additional equipment. With this move, you can look out through the large windows towards the swimming pool while you're working out. There will be a TV to watch as you exercise as well. Plans are in the works for year round access to this space. This grand opening will coincide with the opening of the pool this summer. 

Additional kayak/SUP racks in the works


Summers in Tahoe bring many more opportunities to enjoy water activities. Many of you and your guests have kayaks or standup paddle boards.


Kingswood Village currently has two storage racks, but that is not enough to meet the demand. Our full time employees are building at two additional racks for your use. The new racks will be placed next to the existing ones to provide the much needed additional storage. Your board is currently considering options for equitable use by those who want to store their kayaks. Look for additional information about this in your summer newsletter. 

Your Kingswood dues at work for you

by Jeff Dickinson, KVPOA Treasurer


Who is Jerome Powell and why does he matter to Kingswood Village? He is the newly appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. And one job of the board of governors is to set the federal funds interest rate. That’s the interest rate that banks charge one another for lending money to each other overnight to meet their cash reserves. That interest rate can, and will, influence many other interest rates, including the rate offered for fixed income securities.


KVPOA's goal is to invest your reserve funds (our savings account) for the most reasonable return with the least risk. We do that through fixed income instruments, mainly high quality CD’s. Because we have funds earmarked as much as five years down the road, the finance committee is constantly looking at what Chairman Powell and the federal board says and does. The Fed just recently raised the rate by 25 basis points and most analysts predict it will continue that trend, one or possibly two more times this year. How much is anyone’s guess. If we go in too early or too long, we might lock ourselves into a low yield; too late or short, we might miss opportunities. It can be a juggling act to find the right amount, at the right time, at the right rate.  It is a responsibility the Kingswood Village board is very serious about in order to protect your money, and so far we’ve faired very well. Your money is in good hands.

Kingswood Village 2018 survey complete


At the beginning of March, Kingswood homeowners were sent a survey developed by your board of directors. This survey was sent out only in an electronic format to one email address per unit. Approximately 20 units have declined electronic communication so their thoughts are not included. It was our goal to hear from you so that we could make decisions on matters involving Kingswood Village based on information and data from you. The survey closed on March 19. Your board will now begin to compile and analyze the information, spending time over the next few meetings analyzing your responses and comments so that your input will help guide our future decisions. 


To be as transparent as possible, a complete copy of all of the question responses and comments will be made available in the Kingswood Village office for any interested homeowner to come and review. It will also be made available to any homeowner who requests a copy via email. Send a request to Any identifying information on surveys will be redacted to protect people's privacy. A complete summary of the survey and subsequent board actions will be presented at the annual Kingswood Village homeowner’s meeting on September 8, 2018. In future newsletters, we will select specific topics to share in more detail.  Here is the first bit of data, the demographics.


Response rate: We had a 62 percent response rate, with 136 of the 220 surveys we emailed out completed. That number represents 57 percent of all Kingswood Village units.

Age of Owners: The majority of our homeowners are within 56 – 70 years of age. 10 percent are now 20 – 40 years of age.

Use of townhome: The majority of homeowners use their units as part-time vacation homes (54 percent) or as both a rental and vacation home (34 percent). Only 4 percent have their units as rentals only.

Years owned townhome: 23 percent of homeowners have owned 0 – 5 years. 39 percent have owned their townhome 20+ years.

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